Top 5 Must-Have iOS Utility Apps for iPhone and iPad

iOS Utility Apps

When you are using a Smartphone you are not using it just to receive or make calls. You are also not using your Smartphone for just sending and receiving messages. Obviously, you are using a Smartphone you are expecting a lot of features and you wanted to manage a lot of things on your mobile. In this article, I will talk about the 5 iOS utility apps that every iPhone user must install in 2021. I will not mention social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more like these. I will mention a few utility apps that make your everyday life better and makes your iPhone more productive at work.

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Top 5 iOS Utility Apps

Let’s talk about the top 5 must-have iOS utility apps for every iPhone and iPad user:

1. Google Authenticator

You must be familiar with two-factor authentication as a mobile geek and as a person who uses the internet on the daily basis. In the two-factor authentication process, you receive a code on your mobile number via text message so that you can authenticate your login attempt after putting the correct password.

Google Authenticator on the iPhone does the same for you but it is a bit more than that. The best thing about the Google Authenticator is that it provides you the same level of security and won’t allow anyone to login to your accounts even if he/she knew your password.

But with that, it is more useful as compared to simple two-factor authentication as it does not require connectivity. That means you can use Google Authenticator to log in to your account even on the plane or even in the middle of a desert where there is no connectivity.

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2. Evernote

Your iPhone or any other Android phone has built-in notes taking app. Evernote is also an app that is used to note the daily routine tasks and upcoming events as a notebook. But Evernote has outweighed other competitors as it allows you the cloud facility as well.

It means that when you take notes on your iPhone by using your Evernote app, you can access those notes on any other device, let it be another iPhone, Mac, or even a Windows PC. Just login to your Evernote account on the other devices and access your entire notes and tasks list.

With that, it also synchronizes all your files across all devices. When you alter a file from one device, it will be updated automatically on other devices as well.

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3. Yelp

Yelp is another great utility app for your iPhone. It is helpful when you need to find a restaurant, a business, food or pickup and delivery service around you.

With the help of Yelp, you can find all the famous and well-reputed places with real reviews. It will help you to decide which business service would be good or which hotel around you offers a better service based on the real user reviews.

4. SHAREit

When you need to share files from one iPhone to another iPhone or Apple device, you have a built-in feature of AirDrop. It allows you to share files with nearby Apple devices.

But what will you do if you need to share files with a non-Apple device? Like an Android phone or a Windows PC? Here comes the function of the file sharing app that can solve your problem. SHAREit is an app that allows you to transfer files between Apple and non-Apple devices.

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This app won’t require any internet connectivity; the only thing that it requires is to connect both the devices with the same Wifi network. You need the internet to set the up only once, but after that, you can share and transfer files from your iPhone to another phone by using the same wifi connection.

5. CamFind

Sometimes you need to search for things without even knowing about it. CamFind is an iOS app that works as an AI search engine. It uses your cam to find the objects and then search for that object on the internet based on the picture taken by the phone camera.

It will also identify the objects in a photo that is already on your iPhone and then searches on the internet about that object based on the photo.

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