Monitor Your Employees with Hidden Phone Tracker App

Hidden Phone Tracker App

Employees are the most vital element of any business. The success or failure of every organization majorly relies on the performance of its workforce. But it is observed that employees differ with respect to their working style, a few of them remain proactive and goal-oriented during the working hours, while others sometimes act irresponsibly which triggers the employers to monitor the activities of their workforce.

The employers then look to incorporate a hidden phone tracker into the cell phones of the employees so that the activities may be tracked, and the employer may be able to identify productive and unproductive activities undertaken during the working hours.

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The unproductive activities include the streaming of videos and music, online surfing, and communicating with friends and family during office hours. This pattern needs to be coped with in order to maintain the business progress, as if the employees do not perform the assigned tasks as per the deadline, it will be disastrous for the business.

Mobile Tracker App

There are a number of services that serve the tracking need of employers, but the best of them is OgyMogy. The hidden phone tracker app OgyMogy covers all the dimensions and dynamics of employee spying by all means.

A number of employers are using the said service and greatly complemented the service provider. The app tracks each and every bit of communication through the target phone. The salient features include location tracking, call recording and listening, social media apps spying, screen recording, surround recording, website blocking, and geo-fencing.

The app can be installed on Android and iOS devices, it is compatible with almost all the current versions of Android and iOS.

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We will be having a brief look at all the offerings of the spy app.

OgyMogy – Hidden Phone Tracker

Social Media Apps Tracking

A major proportion of time working is utilized while surfing the social networking apps by employees, to cope with this issue, the hidden phone tracker app furnishes to spy on the social media apps on the target phone. There is an additional dimension to social media app usage here, it is reported that some employees, due to personal differences and grudges with the employer, seek to outflow the confidential information and business secrets to the competitors.

With the help of a social media app tracking facility, the employer will be able to keep a close look on the employees’ activities and keep business interests and secrets intact from any potential dangers and threats.

The spy app tracks all one-on-one and group chats of the target phone, the chats may be spied on for all the shared and received multimedia at any point of time, the documents shared over the platform will be in full access of the end-user. Moreover, the VoIP calls can be listened to in real-time; the calls may also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference.

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The video calls feature can also be spied on using OgyMogy, the calls can be tracked in real-time to look into the activities of the target user.

Location Tracking

The location tracking feature of OgyMogy is the only of its kind in the spying dynamics. The real-time location of the target device can be monitored through the end-user’s phone. The feature adds to the security of the employee as well, as if the employee is supposed to return from somewhere at a specific time and didn’t reach, the employer may find out the location to see if there is any mishap.

The geofencing feature allows one to restrict the movement of the employee over certain places that an employer sees as unproductive or compromising for the business. The employee can be restricted to visit the competitor’s place.

The end-user can allocate allowed and forbidden zones for the target user, every time the employee breaches the prescribed boundary, a pop-up notification is forwarded to the end-user to take necessary actions.

Website Blocking

The employer can restrict to access certain websites from the target phone that are perceived as unproductive, the respective websites will not be allowed to visit from the cell phone.


So, it is observed that OgyMogy addresses all the needs of employers in all aspects of employee monitoring. The real-time activities are recorded and notified to the end-user comprehensively.

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