Top 6 Advantages of Using Technology in Education for Students

technology in education

Gone are the days when the learning process was limited to the classroom with limited resources like the whiteboard, piece of paper, and a strict lecture. Now the latest technology has affected the education process in different ways and not using the technology in education is more productive for the learning process of the students.

Though, there are some back draws as well of using the technology in education, but overall its advantages for students outweigh the disadvantages. Here you can check a few disadvantages of using technology in education for the kids.

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Advantages of Technology in Education

Without wasting your time, let’s start discussing the 6 advantages of using technology in education for students. Here we go;

1. Promoted Independent Learning

It is a technology that makes it possible to access an ocean of knowledge and information on the internet. Now the internet is a treasure box of information from where students can find any topic they want to learn.

Though the resources that students find on the internet could be questionable as their authority and credibility are unknown. Still, students can find a lot of information on the topic they want to learn without the help of teachers and parents.

This makes them capable to learn things without the help of any other person and they can learn independently. It helps them in their real-life as well as this habit of independent learning helps them to learn from their society and social environment.

2. Lowers the Tuition Prices

Many parents complain about the extra expenses they have to arrange for the extra tuition classes for their kids. After school, it is a trend in Pakistan and India to go to an academy for extra tuition.

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With the help of technology, this cost can be reduced as now teachers can watch the video lectures at home by using a Smartphone or a tab. The lecture they attend in the classroom can be uploaded by the school administration online on YouTube so that students who require extra attention can watch that lecture again whenever required.

You can find a lot of videos on YouTube even for practical knowledge. Just write your topic with the words “how-to” and you will find a lot of ways to do that thing.

3. Students Have More Educational Resources

If students know how to use technology in education, they can access a lot more educational resources. There are so many educational apps on Google Play and the App store that can be beneficial for the students.

With that, so many professors have their YouTube channels, and students can watch their lectures even if that professor doesn’t belong to their own school. Same way, they can consult with different online PDF books on the same topic.

In short, they have a lot more educational resources and they can access those resources from anywhere if they have their Smartphone or tab with them.

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4. Learn in the Lockdown

The lockdown due to the corona pandemic has affected every sector of life worldwide. Thanks to technology which makes it possible for the students to learn even in lockdown.

There are various educational forums, educational apps that helped the students a lot to keep learning without any problem in the lockdown situation. It saves precious time. Many schools started online classes on the Google Class Room app which makes it possible to keep studying in the regular classes without leaving the house.

5. Learn at Your Own pace

This is one of the major advantages of using technology in education. The level of understanding and learning for every student is different. Some students learn more in less time while others need a longer time and more explanation to learn a specific topic.

Technology makes it possible for every student to learn at their own pace. Those who need more time and special attention can watch the same lecture again and again until they fully understand that.

6. Technology Boost the Motivation to Learn

Students can be demotivated with the long 1 hour to 2 hours of boring lectures in the classroom. With the use of technology, it is possible to boost the motivation to learn.

Various studies have proved that watching a video enables a person to remember things for a long time as compared to reading the same content in a book. With that, technology also motivates a student to learn new things in a fun way.

So overall, technology helps the students to boost the motivation to learn.

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