Windows 11 Privacy Audit: New Privacy Features Detect Spying Apps

The new Windows 11 Privacy Audit tool is now in beta testing and is said to reveal which programs have been spying on you.

Windows 11 Privacy

You will soon be able to verify which programs you have installed on your computer that have recently gained access to sensitive hardware, such as your microphone and camera, thanks to a new privacy feature that has been included to Windows 11 and is currently undergoing beta testing.

Windows 11 New Privacy Feature

Windows 11 has been receiving upgrades recently to improve the user experience. TechKnowable said they’d been working on new fixes to make things more ‘delightful,’ including hearing and visual accessibility features.

Another update is in the works for today. Windows 11’s new ‘Privacy Auditing’ feature is a useful addition that is currently being tested. David Weston, Microsoft’s VP of Enterprise and OS Security, first exposed it on Twitter.

According to the tweet, it’s in a new Windows 11 preview release. It is presently being tested in the Dev Channel, which is where the first preview releases of the OS are tested.

The new privacy option may be found under the Privacy & security > App permissions section of the Settings menu. You may monitor and analyze a variety of current activity from apps from there. See which apps have used your microphone in the last week, for example. Or it may be your camera, which is another apparent location to search for nefarious activity.

This will also keep track of which apps have accessed your contacts, as well as information about your location, phone calls, and other activity. The user is also advised of the actual time and date of access to the hardware or function in question in each occurrence.

Without a doubt, Privacy Audit will limit the amount of valuable information available in terms of transparency about what all of the apps you installed on your machine are doing.

Regularly checking the Privacy audits in Settings may reveal some unexpected findings, such as apps you didn’t aware had gotten their claws into some of your system’s more sensitive areas. Identifying anything unsafe that has gone undiscovered, for example.

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Is Windows 11 good for Privacy?

Many users may still be unsure whether Windows 11’s new privacy feature is effective in addressing privacy concerns. Analysts at Tech Radar believe it’s encouraging to note that in terms of keeping track of different sensitive extra bits of your computer, the coverage provided here is rather comprehensive, spanning from cameras and microphones to contacts and other such information.

For years, Microsoft has had a dreadful track record when it comes to privacy in Windows, especially with Windows 10. It’s encouraging to see the software behemoth take a cautious approach to this issue with this new version.

If the Privacy Audit makes it past the testing stage, it might help Windows 11 users maintain a better degree of monitoring and overall stability on their PC.

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