Difference between the Sennheiser HD 820 and 800s Gaming Headphones

Difference between the Sennheiser HD 820 vs 800s

Sennheiser brand is shaping the future of sound by making audio devices using the latest technology. Moreover, this brand has built its vision over the last 75-years of innovation history. Furthermore, Sennheiser is dedicated to creating products that exceed expectations & set new standards in audio. Sennheiser HD 820 and 800s Gaming Headphones are one of the headsets made by Sennheiser Company. Additionally, HD 820 was developed to replicate the superb soundstage of HD 800-S. Below are the major differences between the two headsets on various topics.

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Design Features

On design features, it entails the general appearance outline headband, earcups, cable, and earpads. Below are the similarities and differences between the two headsets on design.

  • Headband

The headband of these headsets is the same. Both the headband comes with a slider along the top of one’s headband and it’s built of metal material. It’s used to spread the size of one’s headphones for various shaped heads. Moreover, the headband of both the headset has shock absorbers at the point that the headband meets the yolks. This adapts to various head shapes & sizes.

Moreover, the yolks of these two headsets are made very well & keeps the tension-off. This helps in preventing stress fractures. They are attached to the back of their ear cups & curl around on top of each cup. All the headbands on these headsets come with smooth and microfiber-coated padding. This makes them comfortable & lightweight.

  • Earcups

Both Sennheiser HD 820 and 800s have an over the ear design and they are available in a black hue. Moreover, Sennheiser HD 820 has a closed-back design while 800s has an open back design. However, both the headset’s drivers are covered. Sennheiser HD 820 is covered using glass while HD 800 S is covered using a metal grill thus both the drivers are visible. Additionally, Sennheiser HD 800 S has thinner & lighter earcups when compared to HD 820. Both the headset of these earcups houses cable connectors.

  • Cables

When it comes to cables, both the headset have identical cables. Additionally, both the headset includes a 6.3 mm connector, 4-pin XLR, and also a 4.4-mm Pentaconn cable. Both the headset comes with big & bulky cables although they are durable & have a cloth-coating. Moreover, the cable on each of the headphones are detachable and they have a length of 3 meters.

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Sound Performance

Sennheiser HD 820 offers an unparalleled and reference-grade audiophile-listening experience with a closed headset. Additionally, both the headset are fitted with 56mm Ring Radiator transducers which are the biggest drivers to be used in dynamic headsets. In HD 820, it has glass reflectors which offer total immersion to one’s music with complete detail & a breathtaking soundstage. Furthermore, HD 800 S, has an innovative absorber tech. These decrease undesirable frequency response peaks. Hence it allows every music nuance to be audible.

Furthermore, Sennheiser HD 800 S comes with a distinct ear cup design that directs audio waves to your ear at a slight angle. This forms an impressive natural & spatial-listening experience.

  • Low Frequencies

Both of these two headsets come with slight and subtle boosts at their low-frequencies. Moreover, HD 820 has a boost in high-part of lows which borders on low-mids. HD 800 S has stressed more in lower lows. Thus, with either of the headset, you will have a similar feeling & response which transients & energy in low frequencies.

  • Mid frequencies

Both of these headsets have an emphasis on high-mid. Moreover, HD 800 S has an emphasis that’s a bit higher and borders the lower high-frequencies. HD 820 is lower in high-mids. Thus, vocals will sound extra natural & brighter in HD 800 S than in HD 820. However, HD 820 boost, assist melodies in pianos, strings, and synths.

  • High Frequencies

High frequencies of HD 800 S have extra emphasis than high frequencies of HD 820.  Moreover, both have impressive extensions, though the high frequency in HD 800 S has extra energy.

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The openness & elevated highs of HD 800 S sets a blanket of slightly-dramatic height over anything. Moreover, it also has expansive, super wide, & has a real sense of depth. HD 820 dwells more in the middle of the height domain, with height stretching up to particularly high-frequency instruments & parts of the mix. With Sennheiser HD 820, you will have passive noise isolation dues to its closed-back design, unlike HD 800 S.


Both of these headsets have padded ear cups which ensures a comfortable resting on your ears. Moreover, HD 800 S weighs 330 grams and HD 820 weighs 360 grams without the cable. Thus HD 800 S will feel lighter. However, none of these headsets are foldable although they come with a deluxe storage box.

Gaming performance

Either of these best gaming headphones without a mic will offer you the best gaming sound performance. Both come with a long cable that allows you to stretch in the middle of gaming. Moreover, 800 S has an open back design that allows airflow. Thus, you will use it for long without feeling a temperate change in your ears unlike HD 820.

Wrap Up

Both Sennheiser HD 800 S and HD 820 are awesome. However, from my personal experience Sennheiser HD 800 best open-back headphones. With HD 800 S you will have a natural-sounding frequency-response. Moreover, HD 820, you will have the best experience when it comes to soundstage. Thus, neither of the headsets is worse or best than the other. One will choose his/her preference depending on personal needs.

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