How to Install a Bluetooth Headset on a Motorcycle Helmet

Install a Bluetooth Headset

Riders like to keep in touch at all times on the road. Some helmets already have a built-in Bluetooth And other helmets need to install the headset onto the helmet. Whether you wear a full face or the best half helmet, there are possible ways to install the headset onto your headgear. In this guide, I am going to provide you with two instructions on how to install a Bluetooth headset on a motorcycle helmet.

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Procedure 1: Installing the Bluetooth on Interior Foam

Depending on the Bluetooth headset model, it is important to follow the procedure correctly, as you want to install for communication purposes while riding. Installing the headset on a headwear requires a few tools to put the headset onto your headwear. The equipment you need is:

  • A helmet
  • A Bluetooth headset speaker
  • A marker
  • A knife
  • An alcohol
  • A clean cloth
  • A cordless drill

To install the Bluetooth headset onto your helmet is to follow the procedure below:

  • Inspect the inner liner of the helmet. Before installing the helmet’s microphone, you have to see the inner liner. This helps to make sure that the speaker can send it to the ear. To do this step is to look through the padding if there is enough space to fit the headset. To place a suitable spot is to trace the area by using a marker.

Some helmets do not have enough space, which you will need to peel back the lining.

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Note: This step depends on how thick the inner liner is. Do consider the thickness of your helmet’s liner before planning to cut and install.

  • Once you have found a suitable spot to install the Bluetooth, cut out the foam for speakers. To do this step is to use a knife and cut out the foam liner around your ears. It must fit the helmet in a similar way before installing the speakers. Cut out the foam around the speakers.
  • Clean the pocket area with a clean cloth and rub it with alcohol. This helps to prepare the space for mounting the speakers.
  • Peel back the paper out of the Velcro backing of the speakers and press it to the place where you have cut out the foam. Make sure that the speaker moves with the microphone.
  • At the side of the helmet’s position, place the microphone and the amplifier onto the helmet. This should preserve the Bluetooth headset. When doing this step, the microphone should line up to the wearer’s mouth. You can indicate the area with the help of a pencil.
  • Once you have positioned the microphone and amplifier, you have to fit the Bluetooth helmet microphone onto the helmet itself. To do this step is to drill some holes for adding the retaining screws. To drill the holes is to use a cordless drill and make an appropriate size for the headset to fit in.
  • Then drill at the side of the helmet to install the microphone to one side. Enter the screws and apply the nuts to tighten the bolts.
  • When installing the microphone on the helmet, the wires should hide in the inner liner and must secure well.
  • Add the boom mic with the helmet and do some tests with other devices. This helps to make sure that the Bluetooth headset can pair up with multiple devices.
  • Once you have done testing, your installed Bluetooth helmet is ready to hit the road.

Procedure 2: Installing the Bluetooth without Cutting out the Foam

This procedure for how to install a Bluetooth headset on a motorcycle helmet involves installing the headset without making any changes to the exterior and without cutting the interior liner. This procedure requires minimal effort and is much easier than the first one.

  1. If you want to install without any effort on cutting out the foam. Just follow this simple procedure below:
  2. Purchase a simple Bluetooth receiver and a pair of stereo headphones.
  3. Disassemble the headphones and insert the speakers into the helmet. To do this step is you have to remove the Velcro stickers from the speakers and stick them into your helmet.
  4. Then use glue magnets and stick them onto the Bluetooth adapter.
  5. Glue small metal plates onto the helmet where you are going to stick the desired location of the receiver.
  6. Then place the receiver where the Bluetooth adaptor and the small metal plates are. The receiver is easy to remove.
  7. Plug the speakers in and run a small test on multiple devices. This will tell you whether the Bluetooth can pair up with multiple devices while riding.
  8. The Bluetooth helmet is ready to hit the road.

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Tips for Installing Bluetooth onto Your Helmet

  • When planning to install the headset onto your helmet, look for various headset models that go well with your helmet type. Not all Bluetooth headsets can fit well onto your helmet. Do consider the Bluetooth headsets and the speakers for your ride.
  • After installing the Bluetooth, it is important to run a small test, as you have to communicate with other riders. Do check to see if your Bluetooth can pair with other devices. If it does not work, you need to reposition your headset.
  • When planning where to place the headset, it is best to place the speakers at the sides of your helmet, as your ears need to hear the speakers when communicating with other riders. Do make sufficient space to fit the piece of accessory on your helmet.
  • If you want to install the Bluetooth headset inside the headwear, do make a careful inspection to see the thickness of the inner liner and consider whether that location is ideal to install the headset.
  • If you wear a half helmet and you want to install Bluetooth for your ride, you have to buy a headset with a microphone for ease of communication or entertainment. You can look for a suitable microphone headset for the best half helmet.
  • When cutting off the foam, do take care that the overall foam should not come off from your helmet. Your foam is the main function of head protection. If you want to install the Bluetooth, you need to be careful with the way you cut out the inner liner foam.
  • If you need to drill the helmet, make sure the sizes of the holes you have drilled must fit well to the headset. If the bolts come loose or fall off, try to find an alternative way to place the headset on your helmet.
  • When gluing any parts of the headset onto the helmet, make sure that the glue does not disturb the exterior of the headwear.


Here are the two guides on how to install a Bluetooth headset on a motorcycle helmet. You can see these two procedures are great for installing the helmet however you want for your ride. If your helmet does not have a space for Bluetooth, you can refer to either one of these instructions above. Once you have installed the Bluetooth, you are ready to ride with a headset-installed helmet.

So follow one of these instructions and insert your Bluetooth headset! You can read our informative how-to guides at Sporty Journal!

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