Debunking the Most Common Regifting Myths That Exist Today

Regifting Process

Do you love the holiday season?

If so, you’re not alone.

After all, most people consider the weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year to be their favorite time of year. And what’s not to love? This is the season of the year when you get to spend time with family and friends, enjoy amazing food, and exchange gifts with those you love.

But what is the social etiquette regarding gifts you don’t really want or need? This can be a tricky situation. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for help.

The article takes a look at common regifting myths you need to know about. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on how to handle the gifting process so you can enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest.

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You Should Never Regift

Let’s start with one of the biggest myths about gifting etiquette. Many people live with the mistaken belief that regifting a Christmas gift is totally unacceptable.

This myth should be ignored. After all, the vast majority of people are in favor of regifting when there’s an item you don’t want to keep or you’re going to an event and don’t have time to shop.

The key is to avoid regifting in the same social circle where the gift was originally received. Just make sure the gift is unused and unopened.

Regifting Is Offensive

Here’s a little secret about gifting etiquette: No one really cares.

That’s right, the vast majority of gift-givers aren’t concerned with what happens to a gift once it’s been delivered to the recipient. This is especially true when it comes to casual acquaintances and co-workers.

Why? Well, because most shoppers probably don’t spend a ton of time finding the perfect gift. For most occasions, they wouldn’t simply rather avoid the embarrassment of showing up empty-handed. Or they have no idea what to buy, thus they grab something at random.

This is the primary reason gift cards and gift certificates continue to increase in popularity year after year.

Regifting Is the Result of Cheap Gifts

You also might be under the impression that people only regift cheap gifts. And yet this is actually just another common myth about the types of gifts that people actually want.

The simple truth is that people make the decision to regift an item for lots of reasons. Just because something is expensive doesn’t necessarily make it more desirable.

In fact, a gift card for a smaller amount might make someone happier than an expensive gift they have no use for. Keep this in mind before you drop a small fortune on a loved one this holiday season.

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The Complete Guide to Common Regifting Myths

It’s no secret that gifting etiquette can sometimes feel complicated. Fortunately, this guide to common regifting myths will help you feel less guilty when you decide to give away a gift a loved one recently gave to you.

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