It’s Now Possible to Use the Beta Version of DuckDuckGo Tracking Protection on Android.

One of the most well-known anti-tracking services in the world, DuckDuckGo, has recently made its DuckDuckGo Tracking Protection feature beta-accessible on the Android OS platform. DuckDuckGo’s technology is now available to Android users, giving their smartphones better security and privacy against app trackers and similar tools.

The business also asserted that its services, which are focused on safeguarding iOS and iPadOS, are more potent than Apple’s native “Ask App Not to Track” features.

DuckDuckGo's tracking protection

Now in beta, the DuckDuckGo app for Android offers tracking protection.

The DuckDuckGo Tracking Protection feature is now accessible for Android users, according to a recent announcement from DuckDuckGo, and the public can try it out in beta. By preventing other apps from tracking a user’s smartphone, processes, apps, and other information they want to keep private, the feature would already help to secure one’s information for their discretion.

As some apps would only function with an app tracking feature to help with their access to its features, it has various exclusions for various apps.

However, users can access this feature through the DuckDuckGo for Android browser, which adds the most recent security feature to everyone’s browser arsenal.

What makes it superior to iOS’ App Tracking Protection Feature?

The service offered by DuckDuckGo is comparable to Apple’s App Tracking feature, but it claims to be superior because it optimises and doesn’t send information to the company.

Under the More from DuckDuckGo tab of the app, users can access the DuckDuckGo Tracking Protection feature, which will install a local VPN to help identify and block third-party trackers. However, DuckDuckGo assures the public that their information is secure as it does not send app data to its servers. These trackers will be immediately added to DuckDuckGo’s blocklist.

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Security Concerns with DuckDuckGo

Initially focused on a web browser that aims to provide a safe and secure experience, especially for user data, DuckDuckGo tracking protection gained notoriety as it was centred on privacy and security for users. The company’s initial offering aims to provide an alternative to Google, which is infamous for using extensive tracking technologies in its advertisements and other services.

Since then, DuckDuckGo tracking protection has staked its reputation on its assurance of everyone’s safety and security by limiting trackers’ access to user data and other information saved on users’ computers or browsers.

The DuckDuckGo tracking protection also offers security features that give users a chance to protect their information from third-party trackers by preventing trackers from accessing data from their email inboxes.

Since then, it has moved from the PC to the mobile platform, focusing on its ability to provide a novel and secure experience for everyone while tying its services to features like those in Apple’s iOS.

Android users now have access to the most recent DuckDuckGo feature, which gives them a potent app to help defend themselves against DuckDuckGo tracking protection, a now-famous phenomenon in technology that accesses user data even without authorization. The business is accepting comments and notes for the feature’s enhancement, one that would enable it to be optimised for everyone.

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