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Do you know Projection Mapping Get Started? Hardware, software, and media make up the three main components of projection mapping. These many

Projection Mapping: How to Get Started

Do you know Projection Mapping Get Started? Hardware, software, and media make up the three main components of projection mapping. These many aspects of video mapping have particular specifications. They collaborate to create an amazing mapped project.

  • Media – Projection mapping content that is used in the project. It includes; a series of videos, images, or any form of graphics that appeals to the audience.
  • Software – Considered as the glue between projection content and projectors. POGUMAX projection technologies controls the projection mapping output.
  • Hardware – Projection mapping kit includes computers, projectors, cables, power sources, and even cameras for producing projection content.

Questions to answer before you start Projection Mapping

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Projection Mapping: How to Get Started
Projection Mapping Get Started

1. Is projection mapping right for your next project?

What matters most is the mapping project you’re attempting to complete. Is it a recurring event for the audience to enjoy, or is it a permanent projection mapping? The solution also specifies the mapping software and projection hardware you’ll need to finish the project.

For example, using 3D projection mapping on a table at a restaurant will require different equipment and resources than using it on a wall in your house to improve the client experience.

2. What surface will you use for projection mapping?

It’s not a good idea to project on dark surfaces because they affect how bright the content will seem. Additionally, a specific layer is put to a glass surface to slow down light reflecting through during the day if you need to project on it.

3. What is the best projection mapping software for your business?

Utilizing projection mapping technology, a surface can be overlapped to take the desired shape based on the projected surface. The use of sufficiently bright projectors is the best technique to guarantee that projection content conforms to the surface.

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With the use of a projector and 3D projection software like POGUMAX Designer, museum projection mapping enables them to instantly bring paintings by artists to life.

4. How do you create content for your projection mapping?

It’s crucial to create content for your projection mapping. Experts in photography and videography are available to hire for content creation. Engage 3D mapping specialists if you require bespoke video animations.

5. How do you create a projection mapping that is breath-taking?

At its largest, projection mapping is art. The surface structure is turned for the spectator into a visually pleasing scene of still and moving images. Use projections that bring out the greatest content projection and the appropriate video mapper software to create stunning projection mapping.

How to start projection mapping 

Projection Mapping
Projection Mapping Get Started

What do you want to achieve?

What do you hope to achieve with your projection mapping? For instance, if you wish to entertain children with a virtual environment in sensory rooms, you will need content and skill. Children must be entertained while also being educated by the content structure.

You will also require the following;

  • A short-throw projector
  • A laptop or PC
  • Projection mapping software

Pick a projection mapping location.

We chose a children’s sensory room for the aforementioned example. However, Townsquare streets or monuments can be selected for event projection mapping.

At the Orlando Magic’s season-opening game in December 2011, the basketball floor featured a fantastic mapping projection demonstration. As players were presented to the roster, the projection unveiled their names and photographs onto the court.

Get projection mapping content ready.

This is an obvious choice. Produce as much interactive information as you can. You can use user-generated content that lends a personal touch based on your target audience. Spend effort creating engaging content.

Choose your projection mapping software.

Your mapping project’s success depends on the video mapping software you use. Select a 3D mapping programme that satisfies the following criteria;

  • Capability to apply depth-based effects
  • Access to an extensive library of effectors
  • The ability to chain together multiple projectors for large projection
  • Compatibility with preferred projector model and make
  • The ability to synchronize visual effects with audio
  • Access to tools and features to aid in selecting and mapping objects.

Set up your projection mapping project with the right tools

Before setting up the mapping project, answer the following questions;

  • How large is the area of want to project on?  –The projection surface affects this. To capture what you need, you can remove unneeded portions of the visual display.
  • What will you be projecting? – The cost of mapping projection software and projectors will depend on the content of the display.
  • How early did you start planning for the project? – Projections mapping is a difficult task. Early preparation for the event helps to avoid the last-minute rush.

Elements for a breath-taking projection mapping

The display’s resolution is the number of pixels per inch (PPI). The projection mapping will be of high quality with many resolutions.
The capacity to “cover” the projection surface with content is known as brightness. Low brightness will compromise the projections’ quality.
Processing quality – This largely depends on the projectors and mapping projection software you employ.
Colors: They make the project more appealing and help to cover the projection surface.

What kind of projector do I need for house mapping? 

You can use any projector with the following qualities;

  • A projector with high lumen with optimal choices between 1500- 3000 lumens of lighting if you are projecting in a dark area, but above 4,500 is the advised standard.
  • A Short-throw projector that does not require much space between them and the projection background to produce clear and large images.
  • A high contrasting ratio produces a fantastic viewing experience.


You’ll need the appropriate mapping equipment and software to start a projection mapping project, whether it’s for an indoor or outdoor event. For your projection mapping projects, get in touch with POGUMAX.

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