4 Best Software to Download YouTube Videos

With these downloads software, watch YouTube videos offline and on any device.

Software to Download YouTube Videos

YouTube is the most popular internet video hosting service. It is worth its success to its open access, the simplicity of its interface and its practicality (social media).

However, it has its limits since it is impossible to download content without subscribing to a Premium subscription at €11.99 per month.

Fortunately, to counter this restriction and avoid paying nearly €11.99 every month, there are tools that allow, among other things, to extract a video and save it or even save only the audio.

The best of them give you the choice of resolution and format, as well as one-click download of playlists.

Most of these services have paid “pro” versions like YouTube By Click. This is regularly updated, it has technical support and even allows the format in 8K.

In this article, we have selected 4 best YouTube video downloader to extract and save your YouTube videos.

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1. 4K Video Downloader

There are several reasons that make 4K Video Downloader one of the best YouTube downloader software.

First of all, it has the advantage of not running programs other than its installer such as adware, and it does not leave room for junk files on your computer.

Its interface is clear which makes navigation very easy. You just need to copy the address of a YouTube video and click Paste Link to grab the video.

There’s also nothing stopping you from downloading the first 25 videos in a playlist in 4K, 3D, and 360-degree formats. If that is not enough for you then you will have to upgrade to the Pro version.

For speed, 4K Video Downloader uses multiple streams, however, be aware that YouTube may block your IP address.

In addition to being compatible with Windows, 4K Video Downloader is available on macOS and Ubuntu.

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2. WinX YouTube

WinX YouTube Downloader automatically detects the URL of your video, analyzes its resolution, format and size in detail, with the aim of providing you with the best download options.

Equipped with Multi-thread and Multicast technologies, it gives you a recording speed 5 to 8 times faster than some of its competitors.

However, due to its free admission, it has its limits. Indeed, you can not only extract audio or convert videos to other formats such as MP3, unless you pay for its Pro version.

Besides YouTube, WinX also works on other sites like SoundCloud, DailyMotion, Facebook, Vimeo.

3. TubeMate on Android

TubeMate acts as a manager, allowing you to transfer videos to your smartphone.

This free app has its own browser to search for content without the need to copy/paste it. It is also possible to use it as a video player, or to use it for the creation of mailing lists.

Among its other appreciable features, we find the download in four streams. Thanks to this, long or high resolution broadcasts can be recorded much faster, provided that your Internet connection is fast enough.

With TubeMate you can configure your videos yourself by choosing the desired resolution, quality and format.

To be watched later and in offline mode, all your videos are saved and stored locally on your device’s memory.

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4. Documents on iOS

The Documents application works similarly to TubeMate. It is a file manager that incorporates a web browser for easy downloading and uploading of YouTube videos.

It has the ability to replace your document viewer, PDF reader, music and video player, but also and most importantly, to download any file. It is also one of the only ways to rip YouTube videos directly to your iPhone or iPad.

To watch your movies with Documents, import them from your computer or online sources.

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