How to Mute a Chat on WhatsApp Permanently

Mute Chat on WhatsApp

In the last months, Whatsapp has added a number of new features, including the ability to mute a chat permanently among all new features. Up to now, only 8 hours, a week or for a year could be muted by users in the app. After a recent update, however, the app now substitutes ‘Always’ for the 1-year mute option. Chat will always be silenced by selecting the option. Please read how to silence a WhatsApp chat permanently.

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  • The latest version of WhatsApp
  • Working internet connectivity

Steps to silence a chat on WhatsApp permanently
1. On your smartphone, open WhatsApp

2. Take a look at any chat window.

3. Next, tap the top right of the three horizontal points and select Mute.

4. Three options are outlined here – 8 hours, 1 week, and Always. Always choose to silence the chat for good.

In case you want WhatsApp to silently show the notifications of the particular chat in the notification panel, users can also select the Show notifications option from the same pop-up window.

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Take the chat again and tap the dots from the top-right corner to unmove a chat and select the option Unmute Notifications.

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