7 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Software Development

software development outsourcing

A customized software can meet the unique needs of each business, no matter how small or big it may be. If you’re unhappy with your current software or are looking to get a new one built, why not consider software development outsourcing this time?

Although it’s not easy to choose a reliable company or a freelancer to work with, the benefits are numerous. Read ahead to get an idea of all the pros of software development outsourcing.

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1. Cut down on costs by hiring remote workers

Minimizing costs is one of the main goals of businesses. An in-house software development team is bound to cost you much higher as compared to an outsourced one. That’s mainly due to the fact that your expenditure on an in-house employee will include more than just a basic salary package.

The expenses will also include equipment costs, insurance, rent, and recruitment budget. When you outsource, you only have to pay for the services you avail from the tech company.

Software companies already have all the resources, and the hardwired training required. So instead of spending so much on an in-house software developer, you can spend money elsewhere like on office expansion, marketing, salary increment, etc. if you outsource.

If the labor costs elsewhere are lower, why not benefit from them, given how accessible remote work options are nowadays, due to technological progress?

Most of the time, software development outsourcing is the secret behind the discounts you get on online purchase or bookings.  Now that storage company is also digitalized, perhaps the reason you can find cheap storage units is because of the savings of software development outsourcing.

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2. Save time

As someone who has been in business, you might know how difficult it is to hire the right person. The recruitment process can be long and exhausting.

Plus, there’s no guarantee that the person you’ve hired is going to be an asset for your company. It takes time and a lot of training. In some cases, you might have to dedicate supervisory time too. In short, it can be a waste of time and energy.

And no, we’re not just talking about small companies or startups. Even bigger businesses and experienced recruiters can face this issue.

Software development isn’t something everyone can do. That’s why there’s been a recent growth in clients for software development outsourcing companies. Spending so much time on hiring and training employees on your own seems foolish when you can get an entire team within hours.

Because outsourced companies will have an entire team working for you, your work will be done faster and you’ll operate at full efficiency. Of course, this can vary from company to company.

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3. Stay focused on more important things.

When you outsource, you’re basically letting go of a stressor that could distract you from your business. For instance, instead of focusing on your product and customers, you’ll have to worry about software and programming, if you build the development team yourself.

You might not have enough experience in this field either. Another problem is the lack of resources. If you do not have enough space in your office, you’ll end up worrying even more.

In which case, you can either look for cheap storage units to shift things you don’t use much in the office or consider getting a new bigger office altogether to make space for the software development team.

These are good ideas, but they might shift your focus away from more important things that require attention in your business, especially if you start looking for a new office.

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4. Global access

Diversifying always leads to growth. By outsourcing, you will grow your network and business connections.

No matter how many miles away the talent is, technology allows you to get in contact with them and get your work done from wherever you are. You can also work with different companies and freelancers on each project. This way you’ll have a variety of ideas coming in.

A global input is bound to improve your brand. Different cultures have different ideas. They will have a unique perspective and might have an amazingly different outlook for your project. If you’re unhappy with your current software or are looking to get a new one built, why not consider software development outsourcing this time?

5. Minimize risks

When you hire your own team for software development, you’ll be facing all the penalties for their mistakes and you’ll be the one accountable for them. That’s not the case when you outsource to a company dedicated to software development.

Software development outsourcing lets you minimize your risk factors. Companies that provide such facilities thrive on your success and any glitches will ruin their reputation in the market.

This means that if you opt for outsourcing, you won’t have to worry about hiring the wrong people nor about employees leaving mid-project. There’s always someone else taking care of all these problems for you when you outsource.

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6. Cut-down on your own input

Software development companies that outsource have the right experience and talent required for the task. You can specialize in your product while they work for you backstage.

An advantage of this is, that you don’t have to micromanage everything. You’ll receive the final product only. Everything from planning to testing and maintenance is taken care of by their team so you don’t even have to hold extensive meetings in your office.

7. Flexibility

If you are to hire a software development team internally, chances are you won’t have the freedom to upscale or downscale as you please. This is far from an optimal business model.

That’s not the case when you outsource. Especially if you hire a freelancer for the job, your only contact with them is when you want some work done. After that, you don’t owe any payments or salary to them. It’s like operating without an inventory.

This is great when you’re starting off and your project doesn’t need much work. Outsourcing is probably the most cost-effective and flexible model for new businesses.

The Takeaway

There are several examples of software development outsourcing by big startups. The biggest example is that of WhatsApp, which is famous for outsourcing most parts of its app development.

It shows us that doing so can result in improved product and customer satisfaction, while at the same time increase profitability. The final decision is still yours to make.

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