Improved Qi Wireless Charging for Android Devices, Modeled after Apple’s MagSafe Connections

Qi Wireless Charging

The renowned MagSafe power delivery system from Apple serves as the model for an upcoming upgrade to the Qi wireless charging standards for Android devices. This brand-new wireless charging system, known as “Qi,” will soon have magnets attached to its surface to lock into place, prevent disconnections, and charge a device more effectively.

Since the early days of the Mac, Apple has been best known for its MagSafe feature, which was first introduced on its computer charging ports and is only available on those ports.

Apple Serves as an Inspiration for Qi2 Wireless Charging

Future cable-free chargers will undergo a significant upgrade thanks to the Qi Wireless charging standard, according to a press release from the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). From its previous versions, it will go through a thorough transformation, and this time, it will focus on the magnets to deliver power.

WPC received instructions from Apple regarding how to design the proper magnets to charge a device from its renowned MagSafe chargers.

The Magnetic Power Profile is at the heart of the new Qi, which with its flawless alignment to its rechargeable batteries at the back will assist in efficiently charging the device.

Soon, Android Has MagSafe As Well?

The Qi will be accessible to everyone, including those with wireless-capable Android devices, thanks to WPC, the global organisation that controls wireless charging.

According to 9to5 Google, this indicates that Apple’s MagSafe will become the new industry standard for wireless charging in the future and will be made available later this year for all compatible devices, including Android smartphones.

The Apple MagSafe

Apple is well-known for the iPhones, Apple Watches, and the AirPods with the appropriate case, and it enabled wireless charging for its technological advancements. Apple strongly advises using the MagSafe chargers for the iPhone, which are capable of outputting up to 15W of fast charging, despite the fact that they are compatible with the Qi wireless charging pads that are currently on the market.

It is a recognisable piece of technology for the gadget, especially since it easily snaps onto the back of smartphones without any risk of disconnecting the connection while using the gadget.

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The Cupertino giant previously provided instructions to third-party manufacturers on how to design MagSafe accessories that are fully compatible with its products.

When the Wireless Power Consortium announces an update to the Qi charging standard that would be accessible to everyone, it is stealing a concept from Apple. Others did not choose this magnetic charging because it is not the Qi wireless standard because Apple only made it for its exclusive device lineup.

It would soon improve, with the magnetic Qi2 features becoming available even for Android.

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