10 Tips to Get More REAL Instagram Followers in 2023

The following ten suggestions will help you increase the number of real Instagram users that are interested in your brand.

Get Real Instagram Followers

With more than 2 billion users per month, Instagram is one of the most widely used social networking sites today. This obviously creates a significant opportunity for companies and marketers to access this user base.

Nevertheless, developing your Instagram profile and gaining followers over night is not that simple. It is a lengthy procedure, but with a little assistance, you can see the effects more quickly. The following ten suggestions will help you increase the number of real Instagram users that are interested in your brand.

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How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2023

Write a Compelling Bio

Your bio is the first thing people see when they visit your profile, thus it is very important to make a good first impression. To entice people to follow you on Instagram, you must write an engaging bio.

You should express your brand’s narrative in an interesting way in addition to the fundamentals like including your contact information and website URL. It won’t help you stand out if all you mention is what kind of business you have. People must be motivated to follow you and connect with your brand.

Develop and Maintain a Unique Instagram Brand Personality

The next thing a visitor to your profile will see after your bio is your Instagram feed. Additionally, whether a person likes your business depends on their initial impression after viewing your feed.

The personality of your brand is determined by the colors you choose, the types of posts you make, the tone you use, etc. Additionally, it should be written in a way that anyone who views it will quickly connect it to your brand. If startups want to boost their business in short period of time then they must buy real Instagram followers. You can buy Instagram followers of any country. If your business is located in Arabian countries then you can buy arabic instagram followers.

Use Relevant Hashtags

A tried-and-true method for expanding your audience and increasing your Instagram following is by using hashtags. You must conduct research to determine which hashtags are popular in your industry and appropriate for your brand and content. Use a combination of these hashtags for all of your Instagram content to connect with those that follow them.

Also, keep in mind to spice it up a little by using specialist hashtags for which you may truly stand out in addition to widely used industry-level hashtags. You should take use of Instagram’s functionality that lets you add up to 30 hashtags for each post.

Create and Promote Your Own Branded Hashtag

In addition to utilizing trending hashtags, you can also come up with and market your own hashtag. This can apply only to your brand or perhaps a certain campaign. Brand hashtags are a useful tool for enhancing your Instagram presence and advancing your marketing initiatives.

You may also entice individuals to use a campaign-specific hashtag in their Instagram posts by making one. You receive free user-generated material in exchange for publicity, which can expand your audience and increase the number of followers you have.

Optimize Your Captions

You have the opportunity to interact with your present audience through the captions of your Instagram posts, and you might even inspire them to recommend you to their friends. So why not take advantage of that chance?

You may do a lot with your Instagram captions, such as tag users, pose queries, initiate dialogs, etc. More comments from your audience will increase the likelihood that they will ask their friends to participate in the conversation.

Additionally, you can provide special deals or promotions and request that your followers share them with their contacts. Additionally, keep in mind that revealing the narrative behind the image or video will increase interaction.

Participate in Popular Conversations

This is the alternative side of the tale to what was previously mentioned. Not only should you start discussions, but you should also take part in them.

It might be beneficial for you to remark on and participate in a topic that has been begun by someone in your field and that people are finding interesting. The future? Some individuals may be inspired and choose to view your profile and follow you.

Monitor Your Tagged Photos

It’s crucial to keep up a positive reputation if you want to attract and keep more followers. Monitoring the postings that your brand is being tagged in is one approach to achieve this. From your Instagram profile, people may view all of the posts in which you have been mentioned. So, it’s critical to keep an eye on who is tagging you and in which kinds of posts.

You can accomplish this by using the “edit tags” tool or by modifying the settings so that only the posts that you have approved are displayed in your tagged posts.

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Get Local

Like local SEO for websites, Instagram can benefit from local hashtags and geotagging. You cannot undervalue the importance of concentrating on your local market for your business.

Here are two methods you can use to accomplish that.

Geotag Your Posts

You may draw in local Instagram users by including geotags in your content. Using geotags can help you rank for local content searches on Instagram, which is where many users go for local content. For Instagram, it is comparable to local SEO.

When someone searches for Instagram content using a place, your posts will be shown if you add locations to them. In this manner, you can obtain more Instagram followers and draw locals to your profile.

Use Local hashtags

Similar problems can be solved locally, where you can connect with people who share your interests. Local hashtags are followed by a large audience on Instagram, therefore by using them, you can reach that audience.

Add CTAs Everywhere

You should make use of every call-to-action option that Instagram offers you when adding it to your content. CTAs can help you persuade your audience to take the desired action, whether it be a straightforward “swipe up to discover more” on your Stories or “buy now.”

At the very least, you may include a CTA in your captions by asking viewers to share your content, go to your profile, or do whatever other action you want them to.

Leverage Influencers

Influencers are persons who have a sizable following of devoted, engaged followers—a characteristic that everyone wants in their audience. You can use influencers to gain access to their devoted following and win them over as new fans of your own.

The influencers should come from your niche and be relevant to your company, and that is the most crucial thing to remember. As long as those requirements are satisfied, influencer marketing is a surefire strategy to increase your Instagram following.

Influencer marketing can be used in a variety of ways to increase follower numbers, but it is well outside the scope of this essay. So, to increase your reach, conduct your homework and make use of influencer marketing.

Run a Contest

Although it may appear to be a simple ruse, this method of increasing Instagram followers has been tried and true. This method is used by numerous brands and marketers, and they quickly notice benefits.

All you have to do is run a competition and invite participants by asking them to follow you and tag their friends. Additionally, make sure your description encourages people to tag just those individuals who would be really interested in your brand.

Invest in Instagram Ads

Advertising must be mentioned in any list of advice on how to grow your Instagram following. After all, it is the tried-and-true method of increasing leads (in this case, followers) for businesses that are prepared to engage in it.

Instagram advertising are displayed to a much wider, relevant audience than your posts and Stories, which are solely available to your present audience. By spending money on advertisements, you can connect with a sizable population of a particular demographic or target sector.


These are some of the most effective methods for expanding your Instagram following. Utilize these suggestions to increase your Instagram following and establish a powerful online presence.

A high-quality audience that will engage with your brand and, ideally, become a customer or client can be cultivated while saving money on marketing expenses. If you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll discover that you can start seeing a rise in your Instagram followers organically as soon as tomorrow.

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