How to find and remove duplicates in Microsoft Excel

MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful document processing tool for any particular project, particularly when it comes to recording, measuring, and storing a database. At times, though, people often face challenges when constructing an excel spreadsheet and make mistakes due to duplicate values in your data.

Thankfully, Microsoft Excel comes with a feature that lets users identify and delete duplicate values. To find and delete duplicate values in Excel spreadsheets, follow our step-by-step guide.

Remember that the deletion of duplicates would delete those values permanently.

How to find and remove duplicates in Excel

  1. Pick the cells you want to try duplicate values for
  2. Click Back, and switch to Conditional Formatting
  3. Select the Duplicate Values option under the section Highlight Cells Rules
  4. Now select the formatting you want to use for double values and press Ok
  5. Choose the set of cells that have duplicate values after the values are highlighted
  6. Tap on Data and pick Remove Duplicates and check or uncheck the columns where the duplicate values are to be deleted.
  7. Click Ok to execute changes

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