Instagram Recap 2022: Here’s How to Create a Reel with Your Best Stories and Year Highlights

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It’s that time of the year again, when the Earth is about to finish turning around the Sun and big tech companies like Instagram are offering their Recap 2022 experience, which transports users back in time. Yes, you read that correctly. Meta is officially bringing back Instagram Recap 2022 to provide you the year’s top moments with a fresh perspective.

Users may have the choice to turn their Instagram Stories into Reels in this new style rather than having this recap compile and post your stories, which will expire in 24 hours.

Recap of Instagram 2022: Working with Massive Artists

Instagram is now taking a fresh approach to its year-in-review feature, focusing on Reels for users to utilise for entertainment under the term 2022 Recap. The social media site worked with celebrities like “Stranger Things” actress Priah Ferguson, DJ Khaled, Bad Bunny, and rapper Badshah.

The objective right now is to persuade consumers to use the new year-in-review experience, which would replace Stories from the previous year with a new vertical media format.

With the personalised Year-In Review on Facebook and Instagram, which now focuses on a different perspective, Meta only debuted year-end reflections in December 2021.

The new Instagram Recap 2022 has meta reels

Instagram’s 2022 Recap will show up as a pop-up on one’s News Feed and collect their top stories, statistics, and posts into one piece of media. However, people may utilise it to construct Reels for a more lasting duration on their profile rather than going into the Stories (as long as it is posted).

Users can go to the Reels page and check for the 2022 Recap option there or go to this link (on mobile) to access it right now since not everyone will have the pop-up or might not see it in time.

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Review of the Year for Apple Music, Spotify, and Instagram

Numerous tech businesses give users the opportunity to look back on the full year and see what they have been browsing, sharing, and interacting with on the public’s use of their platform. Among these is the well-known Spotify Wrapped, a project that dates back years and focuses on showing people how much their musical tastes have changed or evolved.

On the other hand, Apple Music, a similarly significant music streaming service that the firm launched in 2020 under the moniker “Replay,” also participates in this. While this is comparable to what Spotify offers, it is exclusive to Apple Music subscribers and focuses on statistics like the most played songs, artists, albums, and playlists from the user’s full year.

Instagram takes a different approach with its end-of-year Recap, which will focus on top posts and stories for everyone, despite all of this featuring a year-in-review of their music streaming. The sole modification now is that users may convert it into Reels, the company’s vertical format, where they can post it as a long story.


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