Why Should You Embed Instagram Feed on A Website?

Embed Instagram Feed

Integrating Instagram feeds on a website is a must marketing strategy of recent marketers. But you know why is it so? To get the answer, let’s dive into this post and learn why brands and marketers are using Instagram feeds in their marketing campaigns.

With the growing competition and globalization of the market, it becomes highly important for brands and marketers to focus their attention on creating effective marketing strategies to survive in this growing competition.

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Building trust and improving connection with the customers is the proven strategy that marketers are concentrating on and framing strategies around it.

There are several reasons why you should embed an Instagram feed on a website and why it is a must marketing strategy for your business. Here you will find answers to all your queries and get useful insights to embed Instagram feeds on website

Embed Instagram Feed On Website – Advantage

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Instagram is one of the most addictive social media platforms with millions of active users who are contributing amazing content on Instagram. This content can be in the form of images, videos, stories, and any other that make the content compelling and engaging.

Also, these users create content that is impactful for brands to attract the audience and add unique content to their website. Moreover, there are several benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on a website.

Transpose Instagram Traffic To Website

Instagram feeds offer a similar experience to the website users as they get on the social media platform. This engages the visitors’ attention and increases the surfing time on your website.

Visitors like more real content that is shared by the real people instead of brand created content. Adding Instagram feeds on a website allows visitors to learn about what the existing customers are saying about your brand and what their experience with your brand is. It creates curiosity and converts visitors to your website.

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Display Users-Generated Content

Embedding Instagram feeds on a website is the best way to display user-generated content on your brand website. You can collect the relevant users’ Instagram content that you find perfect for your brand’s marketing and embed it on your website. Displaying user-generated content is cost-effective and adds more uniqueness to your website which is attractive as well as engaging to attract more visitors to your website. It will increase the quality of the content and represent the social presence of your brand.

Build Trust and Authenticity of Content

Instagram feeds are created by your customers with their own will and consist of real customer experience they have with a brand. This makes the content more authentic, trustworthy, real, and attractive for new visitors. It will improve the brand reputation and new customers believe in the content shared by the real customers. Creating branded content is the old game and non-effective marketing strategy in this growing competition age. To build trust, authenticity, and attract more customers to your website user-generated content is the best content strategy for brands.

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Boost Conversion Rate

Integrating Instagram feeds into the e-commerce website helps to convert visitors into long-term customers. It is because when people learn about the real customer’s experiences and what benefits they received or feeling with your products and services, it will encourage other people to experience a similar feeling like others.

User-generated content displays the satisfied and happy customers that are using your brand’s product and service, which in turn help new customers to learn about unbiased and real reviews of the existing customers. Displaying Instagram feeds inspire the visitors at the same time when they are looking for your product and services and satisfy their search for a good product. This will eventually lead to strong purchase decisions and encourage them to buy your product.

Enhance Brand Image

Displaying Instagram feeds on a website tells your prospective customers about the social presence of your brand and increases the social reach with your customers. It also shows that more people know about your brand, uses your products and services, and like to talk and share their experience with your brand.

Embedding Instagram feeds on a website works as the word-of-mouth marketing of your brand and aware your new visitors about the real features and benefits of products and services you sell.

This will in turn enhance and build a stronger image of your brand and represent how genuine you are about customers’ experience.

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Final Words

Embedding Instagram feeds on a website is the foolproof strategy for your brand’s marketing in this new competitive era. It opens doors for a wide scope with lots of effective marketing strategies that are worth paying attention to and efforts.

If you want to grow your business as well as build brand value, then embedding Instagram feeds on a website is a must promotional game plan for your brand.

To display or embed Instagram feeds on a website, you can simply use a social media aggregation tool. There are several available in the online market, but make sure to choose one in which you will get more features and full customer support.

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