Top 5 Benefits of Technology Amidst Criticality of COVID-19


The technology has articulated the global efforts, research orientation, effectuated broadcasting, and information sharing for combating health ordeal against COVID-19.

1. Connectivity

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Connectivity is the strongest manifestation today for worldly accumulation in times of crisis. Connectivity ameliorates circumvents at individual, family, business, and professional levels. Somehow an individual is connected with most of them at a time. As compared to prior health crises that happened long ago when technology had minimalistic existence, connectivity was the major ordeal. Somehow, connectivity today has played quite a cardinal manifestation to hit on the loss in minimalistic manners. Technology has minimalized the looming ordeals of loss by diminishing the possibilities of non-connectivity in an effectuated manner.

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Imagining the absence of Technology, would there be as much awareness about COVID-19 and its precautionary measures as it is today? No, there wouldn’t be similar resources and circumstances to diminish the ordeals at best. Aside from the curing approaches against COVID-19, what has helped the most in combating the health ordeal? It is connectivity. Governments are connecting with the masses. People are connecting with their professional firms and business remotely. International forums i.e. WHO & UN are connecting with the masses and governments to share the projections of pandemic and to share awareness about Safety Measures, Safety Masks, 3M Safety Glasses Prescription, and Safety Sanitizers.

2. Information Sharing

The international broadcasting agencies, international platforms i.e. World Health Organization, local governments, research institutes, and scientists were constantly sharing information re Safety measures and possible pros of solutions.  Without the sharing of information, the process of containment of information might not be as effectuated as it is at the moment across the globe. It has staked out the primacy of global efforts to hit on the pandemic in an effectuated manner.

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3. Broadcasting

World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly conducted media briefings. Broadcasting platforms were constantly broadcasting the prevalent circumstances on COVID-19. The process of broadcasting was the only way out to keep the masses fully ordained with the prevalent circumstances and situation on the pandemic. The technology was handier and social media platforms were quite cardinal in ameliorating the awareness process very smoothly and very effectively. Broadcasting agencies were constantly educating the masses about Safety Sanitizers, Social Distancing, 3M Sunglasses, Safety Mask, and Measures. at the international and local level by private and state-run broadcasting agencies. It built up coherence in international stakeholders to come to a single page of awareness.

4. Research Purposes

Global efforts are continuously making developments in reaching out the most probable solutions against the pandemic. Every country, according to its resources and research capabilities, is outreaching the research pros to find the most effective solution in terms of the vaccine. China is sharing Research Pros with European Union countries, South Asian Countries, and other countries in the world. The United States of America is collaborating with the World Health Organization, and other countries to develop a mutual consensus on finding the most probable solution.

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How cross-country and cross-continent sharing or research is possible? Technology plays a cardinality here. The complexity of research stands at the top of the list. Research of this complexity cannot be simply materialized with organic and ordinary equipment. It needs state of the art labs and machinery to conduct the most perpetual and articulated research on COVID-19. Here again, technology plays a very cardinal effectuated role to bring about the possible results.

5. Business Perspective

40% of the business globally staked out the likelihood of either the downsizing of business or downsides of a pandemic. In any case, the probabilities were effectively shared across the globe. The ratios were kept to the minimalistic points because of technological intervention. How? Technology helped businesses to outreach their employees remotely. 63% of businesses globally practiced this notion to keep their operations intact and to continue their workability paradigms effectively. The role of technology promulgated a very cardinal and a very promulgated reality that has kept the along with their business constructs at best.

Otherwise, the loss would’ve been greater than anticipated at the moment. The anticipation of loss goes around both ways. It endangers the new employment ratios primacy. The Balance of employment ratios was hit on across the globe. 10 million people, according to state-rendered statistics, in the United States of America were deprived of their jobs that gave rise to 9.3% of inflations additionally. Likewise, are the cases for Canada, UK, France, European Unions, and innumerable other countries in the world. If it weren’t for technology to support the businesses, things would’ve gone out of the ordinary with higher unemployment ratios across the globe.

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