Top 5 Chatbot Building Platforms 2020

Chatbot building platforms

Regardless of whether you’re picking a chatbot platform autonomously or an office for chatbot building service, you at last need to take a gander at all the advantages and disadvantages, your utilization case(s), complete extra examination, and afterward settle on a choice. The 5 chatbot platforms listed following, are driving the chatbot space for a long time now.

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Best Chatbot Building Platform 2020

1. WotNot

WotNot is the best chatbot development platform 2020 that causes you to construct canny chatbots and offer the full scope of conversational promoting answers for in excess of 16 businesses.

With a no-code chatbot builder, you can without much of a stretch form bots utilizing the intuitive interface, without any preparation, or utilize any of their prior formats to rapidly tweak, and go live. WotNot offers the best of the two universes – a chatbot and a live chat apparatus to scale deals and backing, with human intercession, when required. In case you’re eager to fabricate your bot, and go live ASAP – WotNot is the stage for you.

No-code bot manufacturer empowers you to assemble bots quickly with a basic simplified interface

The chatbot to human handover include permits a human specialist to take an interest in the discussion, at whatever point required

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Chatbot Analytics for a 10,000 foot perspective on the bot’s presentation through KPIs, for example, top nations, top aims, normal discussion time, and the sky is the limit from there

  • Chatbot discussions are spared in the backend, and the records can be messaged to deals and backing group continuously
  • Supports numerous channels from sites, Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS to Mobile applications
  • Limitless discussions and messages
  • Consistent incorporations with Salesforce, Shopify, Zoho, WordPress, Slack, Dialogflow, IBM Watson, and some more

Influence the mastery of their discussion configuration group to assemble your bot for you, as WotNot offers a completely overseen accomplished for-you administration. Ensure you watch out for chatbot examination to reveal experiences, and split A/B test chatbot streams to build changes.

2. Intercom

Intercom gives a scope of items in the client service space. They give custom chatbots to utilize cases around deals, showcasing, and uphold. These bots can likewise be incorporated with web-based business and social stages, and have live talk choices.

  • Permits you to plan a bot rapidly with no coding
  • Draw in with each certified lead proactively by beginning discussions utilizing progressed focusing on
  • You can coordinate discussions from online media channels into a CRM
  • High-caliber, customized help at scale
  • Influence Intercom to scale conversational encounters with each client without overpowering your groups.

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3. Drift Chatbot

Drift Chatbot essentially began in the live talk space and got into chatbots decently as of late. Their contribution is more explicit to a chatbot that books gatherings for deals groups. The bot encourages discussions with leads and qualifies site guests without utilizing any structures. It additionally distinguishes the correct salesman and timetables a gathering on their schedule.

Connects with individuals quickly on the site – making it more probable for intrigued individuals to share their contact data

  • Chatbot and live chat go inseparably
  • Wide scope of mixes
  • Considers continuous discussions
  • Answer questions rapidly with Drift Automation
  • Utilize Drift’s playbooks to fabricate a bot that encourages you to book more gatherings, and create more pipeline for your business.


An instinctive device,, permits you to assemble rule-based bots and AI-controlled bots to flawlessly connect with your forthcoming clients and create excellent exchanges. Landbot additionally permits human specialists to hop into the discussion mid-way and take control from the chatbot progressively.

Offers an intuitive interface to make a chatbot rapidly

Permits you to start exchange streams, test and investigate your chatbots with no code, and furthermore coordinate it with other online applications and devices

  • Customize your chatbots with brand components
  • Accessibility of a free form
  • Simple to utilize
  • A few mixes accessible
  • Make chatbots for various stages

In the event that you’re a free entrepreneur or an independent venture, at that point, Landbot is most appropriate for your requirements. Make certain to experience their online journals just as a substance to more readily see how you can make drawing in, and noteworthy client encounters

5. LivePerson

LivePerson is an amazing stage that encourages you to easily assemble, send, and advance AI-controlled chatbots. One of LivePerson’s features is that it empowers you to use progressed investigation for nonstop streamlining and continuous purpose recognition.

  • Permits you to create custom pre-composed explanations to send in visit
  • Natural for clients and new representatives
  • Highlights, for example, hyperlinks, canned reactions, and so forth help in contributing a superior client experience
  • Convenience
  • Adaptability in correspondence, Helpful and rich live visit highlights

Ensure that your utilization cases and extent of work are delineated altogether to get the most incentive out of the arrangement.

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