10 Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms in 2022

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to supplement your income while also promoting your company or items online.

Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

When it comes to earning some extra money online and spreading the word about your brand or products, affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular methods. Conversion is critical to the success of your affiliate marketing campaign, which is why you must engage actively with your visitors in order to encourage them to purchase things through your affiliate links.

There is tremendous earning potential if you are prepared to put in the effort to refine your affiliate marketing methods, which will take time and effort. While managing your affiliate program in addition to your regular activities can be a time-consuming chore, you must do so in order to maintain track of its growth and examine the statistics in order to prevent your income from shrinking. The good news is that you can accomplish all of this and more by utilizing affiliate marketing tracking software platforms.


Everflow is a website that allows you to create a flow of information. Everflow is undoubtedly the greatest affiliate tracking software available, boasting a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive feature set. Everflow offers some of the most sophisticated campaign management and reporting capabilities available. Additionally, with prices beginning at only $200 per month, Everflow is one of the most cost-effective alternatives available. This system’s key characteristics include the following features:

  • Live data in the form of graphs and reports
  • Advanced notification system
  • Super fast response times
  • Advanced media buying tools
  • Graceful handling of mobile and desktop traffic * Fully exposed API 100 percent of the time
  • Private partitioning of traffic
  • Multidimensional reporting and analytics system.

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It is possible to track leads, adds, calls, sales conversion, as well as affiliate networks, using this affiliate and digital marketing tracking software. It is effective at tracking and optimizing the success of your internet affiliate marketing initiatives, allowing you to run a successful campaign. A customized interface allows you to track all sorts of offline and online advertising through pixels, server postings, cookies, cost-per-acquisition (CPA), cost per conversion (CC), mobile traffic, and pay per call (PPC). Additionally, LinkTrust RTA (Remote Traffic Agent) offers the following capabilities:

  • LinkTrust RTA (Remote Traffic Agent)
  • Lead distribution and management
  • Affiliate management
  • Campaign management
  • Customizable lead validation
  • Fraud detection, lead management
  • Real-time reporting
  • Mobile tracking


AffTrack is the only enterprise SaaS product that provides an unlimited number of clicks. Since 2009, it has been used by a large number of large affiliate networks, and it is much more than just another affiliate monitoring system. With a design that is incredibly mobile friendly, this program makes it very simple to track when you are on the go. A few of its notable features are as follows:

  • Proxy detection service (free)
  • 100% Real time analytics
  • Brandable interfaces
  • Suppression file management
  • Invoice and billing tools
  • Access to granular level
  • File manager
  • Unlimited advertisers and affiliates
  • Device targeting
  • Client side tracking
  • Geo-targeting
  • Affiliate referral program


Hitpath enables businesses to efficiently credit the multiple aspects that contribute to the success of their digital marketing campaigns. In order to analyze measurable and intelligent customer engagements, it is used. Hitpath is one of the most user-friendly tracking software solutions available on the market. It is also fast and productive, allowing affiliates to track their campaigns in real time. Along with free training and assistance, it also provides 24-hour access to this program. Another set of features include:

  • Affiliate management
  • Real-time campaign tracking
  • Accounting module
  • Cross pub campaign accelerator, and a pleasant interface

Impact Radius

Impact Radius, founded by the founders of Savings.com and Commission Junction, has generated quite a commotion since its inception in 2008. The following are some of its most important characteristics:

  • Automation of direct affiliate onboarding, contracts, reporting, and tracking.
  • Call tracking;
  • Promotion code monitoring;
  • SEO-friendly links; and more
  • Tracking options include FTP upload, Pixel, Data Post, REST API, Mobile SDKs, and other methods.
  • Integration with CRM and Salesforce.com is also available.
  • Real-time data mining and analysis

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Click Inc

Those who are unfamiliar with HTML will benefit from Click Inc straightforward interface, while those who are familiar with SEO will benefit from the Trulink format, which will link directly to your sales page rather than utilizing a coded link to guide visitors to your sales page. Some of the other essential features are: insightful reports that provide traffic status information, commissions, graphs, and sales. Click Inc. also contains popular management tools that provide you the ability to create coupons and follow up with merchants, among other things. The starting plan costs $25 per month, and you may upgrade to the $69 or $149 monthly plans if you want a more extensive package.


The HasOffers Offers Tracking Software is the favored option of more than 11,500 internet businesses nationwide. You can be confident that this software, which supports worldwide brands like as Social, Living Social, and Zynga, among others, is equipped with all of the capabilities you’ll need to establish and sustain a profitable affiliate marketing program. Fraud protection, an infinite number of affiliates, 99 percent tracking uptime, a complete API, superior measurement, excellent tracking metrics and devices, and the possibility for dedicated solutions are just a few of the many unique features offered by the company. You can also use it to advertise your e-commerce store by acting as an advertising agency. If you want to experience HasOffers risk-free for 30 days, you may do so by downloading and testing the software.


Controlling, tracking, evaluating, and optimizing your affiliate marketing efforts is made easier with Voluum, one of the best systems available. When you use volume performance tracking software, you can do the following:

  • Monetize your campaigns by purchasing the most optimal converting traffic;
  • Separate and control your traffic by devices, OS types, and GEOs;
  • Create quick black and white lists within your CPA dashboard;
  • Track every user who purchased your conversions;
  • Add countless number of new campaigns;
  • Create landing pages;
  • Monitor each factor that can shape your funnel.


CAKE is a cloud-based management solution that can be used to optimize and monitor your affiliate networks. Those interested in learning more about CAKE should visit their website. You can monitor the entire performance of your network and manage contacts all from a single user-friendly dashboard while also reviewing the findings.

  • Fraud prevention
  • Pixel management
  • Targeted campaigns based on device or location
  • Real-time stats
  • Individual portals for affiliates and clients
  • 24/7 support
  • Referral incentives
  • Customizable interface

The pricing is organically based on usage and is determined by the specific requirements of your company. The three price tiers are as follows: Pro, Select, and Enterprise tiers.

Post Affiliate Pro

Similarly, Post Affiliate Pro is a beneficial affiliate marketing tracking software that is trusted by more than 2,700 firms across the world. It can connect to more than 170 content management systems (CMS) as well as the leading payment gateways. There are several features, including:

  • Customizable interface
  • Themes
  • Multilingual support
  • Forced matrix
  • Direct tracking of links
  • Affiliate link styles
  • Fraud protection
  • Image, flash, and text link banners
  • Trends reports

Affiliate marketing is a very effective method of growing your income or spreading the word about your product. You can manage, track, and push your services more efficiently and correctly if you use the appropriate affiliate marketing tracking software. However, in order to improve your chances of success, make sure that you follow best practices at all times.

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