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Do you want to know that what is content writing? Also, what is content writing meaning, how to find or find content writing samples, jobs, and content writers in English? If yes, then this post will give you detailed information about it. Even if you want to earn money from this, this field is also very good for you.

In today’s digital age, it has become easy to write any type of content. Many people are writing for the newspaper, many are writing their own blogs and many are also making money by writing social media posts. In such a situation, it is important that you also know about this field and also earn money from it. That is why we have written this detailed article of content writing, read till the end.

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What is Content Writing?

Content Writing is the process of designing any type of content so that it affects the maximum audience. This includes writing blog posts and articles, preparing scripts for videos and podcasts, etc.

It is mostly used only in Digital Marketing where there is an effort to reach as many people as possible by writing a lot of different types of content. In this way, you will have easily understood the content writing. With the help of this, you can also earn money easily, which we will tell you further in this post.

Content Writing Fields

Do you understand the meaning of “content writing” only writing articles? If yes, then you are completely wrong. A lot of things come in it. Let us tell you –

  • YouTube Video description
  • YouTube Video plot
  • Podcast description & plot
  • Social media posts
  • Email newsletters
  • Keynote speeches
  • Web page copy
  • White papers

All these things a Content Writer has to do. Out of this, everything comes under content writing and you can earn online staying at home by doing them.

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Content Writing Tips

If you want to do content writing, then the tips given below will prove to be very beneficial for you –

Proper Market Research

The most important point for doing Content Writing is that you should do market research first. This will reveal which type of content is in high demand and which types of content are being produced. This will give you a lot of idea as to how your content is represented and also what kind of content is in high demand in the market.

You can take the help of the internet for this and many keyword research tools will also help you in this. If you do not know how to do keyword research before writing any content, then you can read the Keyword Research post.

Read, read, and read

If you want to speak then first of all learn to listen, if you want to write then first of all read more and more.

Before writing anything, you must have ideas. These ideas will come to your mind only when you read more and more. Everyone has read first, understand the pattern of writing things, then write. Do not read just for your fun, it will help you a lot if you read while critically analyzing all the things.

If you want to read quality content that will also help you in writing and to build your career, then you should read Top Ranking Blog Posts. If you want to read good content in English, you can read Copyblogger’s blog. They have very engaging and unique content.

Why do you want to write?

Why is it important that you want to write? There can be different motives for many different people for content writing. Which of the following categories are you in –

  1. Want to start writing for money but you don’t know how to start.
  2. Those who write have the passion and want to carry their passion forward.
  3. Those who really know content writing and want to make a career in it.

If you are from the first category then you will have to learn a lot and you may have to do training + courses for this. In addition, if they want to do content writing in the blog, then they also have to learn the technical aspects. It is quite time-consuming.

People in other categories know things, have ideas, and also have passion. All they need to know is how to start content writing? So we are answering this from this post. Finally comes the third category, those who know about technical stuff but they do not know how to make a career with it. We will also know about him in this post.

Write as much as possible

If you think that you will learn content writing in 2-4 days and you do not need to practice, then you are absolutely wrong. The practice is necessary for everything, only then can you learn it. Today, people who are writing very good content also started with bad writing only.

But, over time, as you write, you will get experienced. My personal experience is that you should first do Topic research and get a lot of information about whatever you are about to write from different places like documentaries, blog posts, videos, slideshows, infographics, etc.

Finally, start writing in a unique and engaging way to what you have seen, read, and taught so far. Create a unique style of writing so that people recognize you by the way you write. If you write continuously and critically evaluate your writing and move forward by learning, then you will definitely become a great Content Writer.

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Do better than the people in your field

It is also not that your article has no value unless you write a unique, identical article. Yes, it is definitely that you do not just become a copycat and do not start printing the articles of others. In this case, there is only one solution. Read the top results already coming in the search results carefully and try to write better than them. You should explain more queries/topics than those.

If you look at the top 20 articles, you will find that most of the articles are saying the same thing somewhere, but in their own way. In a more engaging and creative way. You have to do the same.

Pay attention to your word count

This is an important thing that you have to keep in mind. You should keep the word count according to the post or article. Also, try to write more in-depth than the existing content lying on the Internet. It is a general rule that more content is preferred to larger content.

I believe that whenever writing content and writing a blog post/article, it should be at least 1200-2500 words. However, it depends entirely on the subject but this is the ideal length. Not only Google, but all others also feel that more information is filled in the larger content.

According to a report by Backlinko, the top-ranking articles are at least 1890 words. As I mentioned earlier, it completely depends on your topic. However, you should always try to write as much content as possible.

Proofreading Your Content

On the Internet, you will find thousands of such information, in which grammatical errors are common. Believe me, people, as well as search engines, do not like this at all. In this case, whatever content you write, try to be completely free from any kind of error. You not only write content but also promote your business/brand. In such a situation, you will not want to let it go bad.

So, after writing your content, you must proofread it at least 2 times. If you want, you can also use the Grammarly tool which makes your proofreading very easy. With its help, you can easily spot any type of grammatical and formation error in your content.

Content Writing Jobs

If you are looking for jobs for content writing, then the following sites will prove to be beneficial for you;

On these sites, you can easily do the job of a content writer. According to the report of Economic Times, the content writers who are fresher means that they are new additions in this field, they can earn from $100 to $300 a month. As they continue to experience, their earnings can range from $200 to $500 per month.

To become a content writer some qualification given below can be sought –

Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Marketing, Journalism or English language

  • Experience in content writing or copywriting
  • Knowledge of content management system
  • You should know all the software of Microsoft office
  • portfolio of your published content

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Where and how to learn content writing?

There are many people who have to do content writing but they do not know how to do it. In such a situation, you should do content writing courses so that you can understand this field properly and be able to work in it. If you want to learn content writing, then


In this post, I explained in detail the content writing in easy language. If you have any other questions related to this topic, then tell it through the comments, we will definitely make FAQs for those questions and let you know. Also, if you liked the post, do not forget to share.

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