50 Successful Blogging Tips in 2021

Successful Blogging Tips

Looking for the Successful Blogging Tips? As you know blogging has become a trend today. Many people are using it as a business and earning millions. That is why many people start blogging. But making money in blogging is not so easy. In this, you have to follow many rules and also need patience.

According to a figure, there are a total of 31 million bloggers worldwide who post an average of 1 post every month. From this figure, you can guess that there is a lot of competition in the blogging field. It is well known that ranking on the first page of Google is very difficult in today’s time.

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Today in this article, we will tell you about the 50 Successful Blogging Tips which will help in making your blog successful.

What is blogging?

Table of Contents

Blogging is a practice through which ideas, information are put on the Internet. For this, Domain Name and Hosting are required.

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50 Successful Blogging Tips 2021

1. Do Keyword Research

Most bloggers (beginners) make the mistake that they start to write blog posts without any keyword research. Due to which traffic comes very less on their blog and they get upset and decide to leave Blogging.

You should first do keyword research. So that you can know how many Searches/months are happening on which keyword and how much is the Competition of that keyword. Believe this Successful Blogging Tips 2021 is very effective for beginners! For keyword research, you should take the help of keywordtool.io and Question Hub.

There are many Free and Paid tools available on the Internet for keyword research. With the help of which you can easily see the Monthly search volume + Competition n done on any keyword.

2. Start Creating an Email List

The second most important step is to create an Email List. Most do not pay attention to and miss out on having a good traffic drive for their blog. With the help of the email list, you can easily send your content to the user’s inbox and promote your content without the help of Facebook, Search Engines.

With the email list promotion method, you can increase your blog’s traffic by more than 100%. These Successful Blogging Tips will prove to be very effective for new Bloggers, especially for those who are beginners right now. For this, you can use the ultimateWP mail plugin.

By creating the best Call-to-Action button, one can see a tremendous increase in the traffic of the email subscription rate blog.

3. Maintain Consistency

The next most important tip is that you should maintain consistency on your blog. You should keep doing regular posts on your blog. This helps in increasing the traffic of the blog and Google also likes the consistent bloggers.

Because of which your Google ranking can improve to a great extent. This blogging tip will definitely make you a successful blogger one day. Make a habit of writing quality posts every day and read as much of the blog posts of others as possible so that you have the idea of ​​writing great articles.

According to a survey, bloggers who post 1 in a week increase their subscribers twice as fast as bloggers posting 1 once a month. Therefore, you should definitely do at least one post in a week.

4. Give your blog plenty of time

Most new bloggers make the big mistake of considering the blogging field as a quick-to-be-rich scheme. Only investing time in the blogging field can make you successful. Any blog that is popular today and is driving thousands of organic traffic to its blog has not achieved that goal overnight. So keep these Successful Blogging Tips in mind and keep consistency.

It may take 7 to 9 months or even more for the initial traffic to arrive in this field. Therefore you should have patience. All you have to do is do it correctly. Also, try to get 2 years of domain + hosting so that you don’t have to worry about it.

In the blogging field, you must first give a lot of time, learn, fail and come up and walk again only then tomorrow you will be able to become a Famous and Recognized Blogger.

5. Writing Attractive Headlines

Always remember one thing that blogging operates on Judge A Book By Its Cover Rule. No matter how amazing your content is if your attractive headline is not written then it is all in vain. Your catchy headline decides whether people want to read your content or not.

A nice and catchy headline also dictates whether people will share your content or not. This Top Blogging Tips will be most effective for new Bloggers and especially for beginners and their traffic will increase.

The best formula for writing a tremendous headline is SPUB: ie Simple, Powerful, Useful, and Bold.

6. Write Ebooks

If you want to move forward in the field of Blogging, then you must write an Ebook on any topic of your Expert Field. You can easily write a tremendous e-book with the help of MS Word and Google Docs from Playstore. There are a few things to keep in mind while writing an e-book –

  • Select the topic of the ebook.
  • Plan the look and structure.
  • Focus on making your e-book more and more valuable
  • Review and edit frequently
  • Do show your Creativity to friends.

So keep these Successful Blogging Tips in mind and keep consistency.

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7. Focus on increasing the speed of your blog

New bloggers always make the mistake that they start decorating and grooming their blog. This is almost certainly false. The more new features, plugins, widgets, Styling Stuffs you use, your blog will become slower. Try to install and use Widgets, Plugins in the blog itself.

If your blog is built on WordPress, then you should at least use plugins. Also, you should download plugins like W3 Total Cache.

If your blog is on Blogspot (Blogger) then you should at least use Widgets and Gadgets. All these Styling Stuffs load a lot of CSS and HTML and reduces the load speed of your website.

8. Enable AMP in your blog

Whether your blog is built on WordPress or Blogger, you can enable AMP on websites of both platforms. These Successful Blogging Tips must be kept in mind by beginners.

There are many benefits to enabling AMP in your blog:

  • It works to increase the Organic Traffic of your website.
  •  Features your website in Google’s AMP Carousels and Search Results.
  • Reduces the loading time of your website.
  • Improves users’ mobile web browsing experience.

9. Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

If you want to see your post in the first place in the Google search engine, then you must first pay attention to the quality of the content.

Always try to write unique and quality content. Also, your content should be interesting and evergreen.

And one thing that needs your attention, your article should be at least 1000 words. Because larger content performs better in search engines than smaller content. So keep these Successful Blogging Tips in mind and keep consistency.

10. Use the Cache plugin

You must use a Cache Plugin like W3 Total Cache on your website. Next, if you use cache plugins, then the load speed of your website will increase. Cache Plugins have a great contribution in increasing the loading speed of a website. If you are a WordPress blogger, then you can easily go to the plugins option and search for cache plugins. You will get lots of cache plugins.

11. Create attractive blog banners and featured images

If you want to make your content as attractive and SEO-friendly as possible, then you must use blog banners and featured images in your blog content. There are many such apps and websites on the Internet, with the help of which you can easily create a nice featured image.

To use featured images or any type of picture in your blog content, do give alt tags to them. This is best for your blog’s SEO. This blogging tip is effective for both beginners and experts. So keep these Successful Blogging Tips in mind and keep consistency.

12. Prevent Website Down

If you want your blog posts to rank at a good position in the search engine rankings, then you should avoid crashing or downgrading your blog/website. Beginners always ignore this blogging tip. The uptime of your website is also a parameter to succeed in your blog field. If your website is mostly down, then you will lose your visitors. With this, your search ranking will also have a negative impact.

13. Try to rank in Google’s voice search

In today’s time, most people are using voice search. In such a situation, if you do not optimize your website to rank in Google’s voice search, then you are in the wrong direction. In the future, about 90% of searches will be through voice searches only and only. In such a situation, try to get your blog content optimized for Google or other voice search engines.

14. Optimize Blog for Google Discover

Talking of successful blogging tips, it has been added recently for tips. Google has now given Discover a place in its feed. With its help, you can easily send thousands of visitors to your website. For this, you have to learn optimization.

15. Rank your website in featured snippets

If you want the Domain Authority of your website to increase, more and more visitors will come and more and more people recognize your blog, then optimize it for featured snippets. It is very easy.

This is one of the most Successful Blogging Tips that most beginners do not pay attention to. You must read about it. For a beginner, the arrival of visitors, in the beginning, is like heaven, so definitely pay attention to it.

16. Do not leave your Niche

New bloggers especially beginners always make the mistake that they start writing on Multi-Niche. There is a lot of competition in blogging and if you want to stand out from it, then you have to stick on a Niche. If you become a bit popular over time, you can write on other niches as well. This is what most Top Bloggers are doing and it is not hidden from anyone.

For example, if you are writing only on Bollywood, then only publish posts related to it. After this, when your blog starts to stand out, then you can start writing on all the film industries of the world. Unless you are popular, your posts will never rank well in the early stages. Once popular, your 500-word articles will also rank above others. This is the truth!

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17. Focus more on search intent than Keyword Research

This is a very important Blogging Tip for beginners. However, most people, especially newbies, ignore it. It was now known that someone used to write keywords across his article/post and he used to rank the post. But now Google has become smarter. Keyword Research has now been removed by Search intent.

18. Focus on On-Page SEO

If you really want to succeed in blogging then you have to pay more attention to On-Page SEO. With its help, you can improve both the Visibility and Rank of your website significantly. On-Page optimization is very easy, provided you follow all the tips correctly. You must read it and know how you can drive a High Amount of Traffic on your website.

19. Share your content on Social Media

If you are a beginner then you should share your blog posts on social media as much as possible. This is because, in the beginning, you will get traffic from 0 to no less than Search Engines, so promote and share it on social media.

This will bring views to your website and will also motivate you, which is needed most in this journey. In our view, the Question & Answer platform Quora and social media platform Facebook can be the best places for your initial traffic.

20. Make Guest Posting

To get success in blogging, you also have to get acquainted with your Niche and industry people and Link Building is the most important. For this, you should do guest posting. If you do a guest post, not only will you get a good identity from other bloggers, you will also get Do-Follow Backlinks.

Link building is a must for new and old bloggers. Whether or not your articles will rank in Google is also decided by Backlinks. So keep it clean. This is the best Blogging Tip for beginners.

21. Update Your Old Content

Many bloggers who are beginners focus only on writing posts. However, you should keep updating your old posts as well. With this, Google will boost the ranking of your fresh content and you will also be able to gain considerable traffic.

If we believe, then you should update only one of your old posts and write at least two new posts in a week. Although you can do more than this, definitely do it minimum. So that your old posts remain updated and fresh and their Rank Position is better.

22. Make a habit of writing daily

As you understand this market, you will also improve. You will slowly understand that Content is King! That is, how well you write and present your posts, it affects your overall performance. So get into the habit of writing daily.

Not that you write blog posts every day, but you should learn and write something in your diary every day. Always choose the same topic while writing, which requires research and in-depth knowledge. This will create the practice of writing articles in-depth and well researched in you and you will be able to write better.

23. Avoid Keyword Cannibalisation

You should avoid Keyword Cannibalisation. This has a bad effect on your rankings and there is a decline in your Organic Traffic. Keyword cannibalization occurs when more than one of your posts is optimized for a single keyword.

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24. Keep in mind Keyword Stemming

This is the most important Blogging Tip in which you should take care of Keyword Stemming and also avoid it to some extent. Keyword Stemming is also known as Keyword stuffing. Now Google has become so smart that it understands different variants of any keyword.

25. Perform extensive internal linking

If you want all your content to be properly crawled by Google, then interlink them properly. This Blogging Tip can prove very helpful if you do it correctly. Always link the most important posts of your blog for the best internal linking.

Also, keep in mind that do not do unnecessary internal linking. Do this only when necessary and posts are related to each other. Also, set your internal links open in another tab, this makes navigation easier for the user.

26. Valuable External Linking

Many times beginners make the mistake that they link any external link while writing posts. External linking is also an important part of SEO so it should be given special attention. For this, you should make external links from High Authority Sites.

Apart from this, always follow no unnecessary links so that Google bots do not crawl them and your On-Page SEO is not spoiled.

27. Always use Copyright Free Contents only

This Blogging Tip ignores most bloggers, so they have to face many problems. If you use copyrighted content on your website without permission, then you may face legal issues.

Apart from this, if someone claims their content on your website under the DMCA, then Google will terminate that content. This is not good for your SEO at all. You should download any type of content from copyright-free content websites.

28. Avoid Black Hat SEO

Bloggers who do not succeed quickly turn to Black Hat SEO. You may get success in the short term, but in the long term, you will lose. Black Hat SEO includes the most important link buying, keyword stuffing, cloaking, etc.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that your content is in-depth, full of quality, posts are updated and if you are doing natural link building from time to time, nothing can stop you from being successful.

29. Use SEO friendly and Fast themes

This is also an important Blogging Tip that you should not ignore at all. If you use SEO Friendly and Fast Theme in your website, then it will prove beneficial for your website. The speed of opening of your website and your SEO in some ways also depends on your Theme. On the internet, you will find many such themes that will fulfill your need.

30. Install the required plugins

If you are a WordPress Blogger then you must install some important plugins. These plugins not only work to enhance the functionalities of your blog, but they are also SEO-friendly. By using these plugins you can make your website much better.

Google says that blog posts should always be of high quality and in-depth and also UX (user experience) is also better, only then you will be higher rank. All these things require plugins.

The list of required plugins is Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP, Sucuri Security. This is one of the Successful Blogging Tips.

31. Put Focus Keyword at the beginning of the title

You should put your Focus or Targeted Keyword at the beginning of the title. This is a great SEO Factor. It has often been seen that the search rankings of web pages in which the focus keywords remain in the beginning are better.

It was studied by MOZ. If you use the Yoast SEO plugin, then it suggests that you put your Focus keywords at the beginning of the title. With this, Google finds your content more relevant.

32. Include Table Of Contents in web pages

You should place a Table Of Contents in your blog posts. This makes it easy for Google to understand your content and your content is well structured. For this, you can also use the Table of Contents’ WordPress Plugin.

As you can see in the image above, site links have been created automatically due to the Table Of Contents. This is good for your SEO.

33. Keep Blogging in mind with Fred Update

Google penalized many websites by introducing its algorithmic update, Fred. In this, the websites whose content was of low quality and their website had Over Ad Placements.

So if you want to avoid Google’s Fred Update, then you should focus less on monetization and more on producing Quality Contents. You should write High-Quality Content and stay away from Black Hat SEO. This is an important Blogging Tip.

34. Avoid Panda Update

Google keeps bringing new algorithm updates from time to time, the main objective of which is to improve the user experience. Google just wants to rank higher quality content higher. So he brought Panda Algorithm Update.

The main objective of the Panda Update was to pan-websites with Duplicate Contents. Along with this, websites having a large number of Affiliate Links were also penalized by this update. Therefore, blogging should be done keeping this in mind. This is an important Blogging Tip.

35. Create Your Blog on WordPress

There are a lot of Internet Blogging Platforms with the help of which you can easily create a great blog for yourself. However, out of all those blogging platforms, WordPress is the best. It is definitely a little expensive but it has the best features.

For WordPress, you will find thousands of Themes and Plugins. In addition, it is also easy to customize and maintain the WordPress site. Apart from WordPress, HostGator is also a great platform. This is an important Blogging Tip.

To create a blog on WordPress you will need to take Hosting. For this, I will recommend you Bluehost as it is the cheapest. With this, you get a 1-year free domain + SSL for just $ 3.95 / month. Currently, 63% offer is going on hosting, so hurry up.

36. Create About Us and Privacy Policy page

You should first create pages like About Us, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service in your blog/website. This shows how you are processing and using users’ data. Because of these two pages, the trust of your blog also increases.

37. Make Your Website Mobile Optimized

More than half of the searches on the Internet are conducted by mobile. So you should first optimize your website/blog for mobile devices. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, then it is not good for your SEO.

Google also penalizes such blogs/websites. To make the website mobile-friendly, you should use the best Mobile Optimized Themes.

38. Add YouTube Videos to Your Posts

As you all know that Google tops YouTube videos in its SERPs. Consumption of videos has also increased over the past few years. So if you add YouTube videos to your blog posts then it will be better for your overall SEO.

By adding YouTube videos to the post, whichever user comes to your post will last longer. Because of this, your average user session will increase. This indicates to Google that your content is more helpful so that your ranking will improve.

39. Lower your website’s Bounce Rate

If users press the back button immediately after clicking on your web page, it is called Bounce Back. Many people believe that it does not affect your website much. But, we believe that this gives Google an indication of how good your content, design, and navigation are. This Blogging Tip is very important.

When the user stays on your website for a long time, it means that your website is well optimized. This will improve your ranking. So always use the best themes. Also, write useful and informative content. To make your content great, you can add Charts, Graphs, Infographics, Videos, and Podcasts.

40. Create Facebook and Twitter Account for your website

Google also takes the help of your Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts to evaluate the ranking of your website. If you have lots of likes and followers on your Facebook page, it informs Google that your website is trustworthy and branded.

In addition, if you share your posts on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, then you also get direct traffic which is beneficial for you. This is an important Blogging Tips.

41. Avoid adding Popups and Distracting Ads to the website

It does not like Google at all that people place Popups and Distracting Ads in their website or blog. If you have done this on your website, remove it immediately. This spoils the user experience of users. You should always keep these Blogging Tips in mind.

Google decides its rankings according to the user experience of any website. If the user experience of your website will be better, then your ranking will also improve.

42. Google Analytics

Many beginners always ignore these important Blogging Tips. If you want to remove every little information about your visitors so that you can optimize your posts and website accordingly, then you must install Google Analytics.

If you want, you can set up Google Analytics in your blog with the help of the WordPress plugin. Apart from this, you can also monitor your performance with the help of its official website. With the help of this, you can get information about traffic, bounce rate, conversion, top landing pages, etc. for free.

43. Add a sharing button to your blog posts

You should use Share Buttons for your blog posts. There are many plugins available for this. However, we use Jetpack Sharing in our blog which is easy to setup. If you add sharing buttons for your post, then people will be able to share your content.

In Sharing Buttons, do keep buttons like Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram, and Pinterest. The higher the share of your content, the better your ranking will be. With this, your Direct Traffic will also increase.

44. Submit your Blog Posts to Popular Bookmarking Sites

If you submit your blog posts to popular bookmarking sites then your reach will increase. These websites in a way promote your posts. However, CTR will be very less than this but gradually your traffic and brand awareness will increase.

Reddit, Mix, Delicio.us, Digg are the most popular bookmarking websites on the Internet. You must know about them.

45. ​​Always respond to Blog Comments and Questions

Remember, whatever you are is because of your readers. So, definitely answer their blog comments, questions, doubts, and appreciation. Along with this, you can also solve their problem by writing posts on broad topics suggested by them.

By doing this, your reader will gradually become loyal to you, which will prove to be very beneficial for you for the long term. So do keep the commenting facility in your blog and answer all complaints. This is one of the essential Blogging Tips.

46. Do install a backup plugin in Website / Blog

This is an important Blogging Tip that you should not ignore at all. It is very important to have a backup plugin in your blog/website. This is so that whenever your blog or its settings, database files, or important things are deleted, you can restore them again.

For backup, we would recommend you to install the Updraft Plus plugin. You will get it in both free + premium. With this help, you will be able to easily backup all the necessary/unnecessary things of your blog. Must install it

47. Use Free Grammar Checker

Most mistakes happen while writing blog posts. No matter how expert you are, there are chances of making mistakes. For this, you can use Free Grammar Checker Tools. According to us, Grammarly is the best tool. Using this, you can correct all errors. Keep these blogging tips in mind.

In addition, you can also find out the originality of your content with the help of Plagiarism Checker. You will find it only in Grammarly. With the help of these small steps, you ensure that your content is better than others. This is better in terms of your ranking and SEO.

48. Add Related Posts and Popular Posts

You should add Related Posts and Popular Posts below each of your posts. This will be better for both Readers and Search Engines. If you add both these widgets to your blog or website, then the readers will stay on your blog for a long time. This will increase your average view duration which is beneficial for your SEO.

If you are a WordPress user, you can use the Popular Posts Plugin. In addition, if you are a Blogspot (Blogger) user, then you can open the layout from your settings. After which you will see the widget option of Popular Posts. You can customize it.

49. Take AdSense Approval

If you want to earn money from Blogging, then you should enable AdSense as soon as possible on your blog. If you want to get AdSense on your blog or website as soon as possible, for this you need to –

  • Should write original content
  • Should write In-Depth content
  • The blog should give plenty of time
  • Consistency must be maintained
  • Share your posts on social media
  • Post meta tags properly
  • Blog posts search engines friendly

If you faithfully follow the above points then you will get easy to get AdSense Approval.

50. Create Your Own YouTube Channel

If you can become your own YouTube channel, do it now. This will have two benefits –

  • You can easily embed your own original YouTube videos into your blog posts.
  • You can send YouTube Audience to your blog post/business, also known as CTA.

However, YouTube Audience’s CTA (Call to Action) will be quite low, but it is better to have something than nothing. You must know this only then you are working day and night in the blogging field.

51. Run experiments in your AdSense account

If you are blogging then you must have signed up in AdSense. This is the main source of earning for most bloggers. In such a situation, you should always run experiments in your AdSense account. Experiments can be done in two ways –

  • First is the blocking controls in which you decide which field or which ads should run on your website. It has many topics like Gadgets, Politics.
  • The second is Auto Ads. In this, you can customize the format of Ads and Ad Load according to your own.

By running both these types of experiments, you will know that due to the types of ads, formats, and loads, you are earning more, you can keep them on your website. This is an important point for successful Blogging tips.

52. Prepare pdf for your Extensive posts

If you feel that you are writing extensive or simply cornerstone content for the website, then you must prepare a pdf for that post. Very few people know these blogging tips. If you prepare a pdf for your big and detailed posts and allow it to be sent via email to the website or download, then the authority of your website will increase.

Apart from this, in exchange for the exchange of contact information such as mobile number, email, etc., you can provide your PDF file for downloading. You can also make a summary of the entire post in that PDF, apart from this, you can give different information in a creative way apart from the post. Search engine like Google now also ranks pdf which will directly benefit you, your branding will be there. So keep these Successful Blogging Tips in mind and keep consistency.

53. Learn the basics related to Design

Blogging is a field in which learning or doing experiments never stop. The more unique and creative content you bring to this field, the more successful you will be. If you want to produce unique and creative content then firstly you should learn the basics related to designing.

In Design Basics you do not need to know to learn very big things. You should just learn to design the best logo, make blog banners, make animation videos, etc. Which color logo is performing better for your social media profiles, which fonts and design are attracting more visitors to your website. Keep all these things in mind and do blogging. So keep these Successful Blogging Tips in mind and keep consistency.

54. Buy hosting and domain name from Bluehost

You might wonder how buying a hosting from Bluehost joined the list of blogging tips? So the answer is that a good hosting provider also makes a good impression on your overall SEO. There are many hosting providers from whom your website is often down after taking hosting. Along with this, their support system is also not good.

Bluehost provides you a 24 × 7 support system to solve any problem you may have. You get a free domain name and SSL (HTTPS: //) from here which improves your security. To buy this hosting + domain, you must first choose a great domain name –

These keep these Successful Blogging Tips are very important for beginners. If you proceed in blogging keeping all these points in mind then you will definitely become successful. Comment below for any problem or question.

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