Comparison of two popular IP address management (IPAM) solutions

In this article we will discuss about the two popular IP address management solutions Infoblox vs Bluecat , so continue reading.

IP address management

When selecting a IPAM solution for DDI management, there are several core elements you should consider. First and foremost, you need to make sure that the partner is trustworthy and reliable, both in terms of their competence and their commitment to the project.

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In this article we will discuss about the two popular IP address management solutions Infoblox vs Bluecat , so continue reading.

Bluecat is customer & Technology Focused solution. Their customer service is second to none, providing tailored solutions and top-of-the-line support for their clients. They are highly engaged with their customers and are deeply invested in their success, anticipating their needs and providing proactive assistance. This puts their clients at ease, knowing that their partner is taking ownership of their project and working to ensure the best possible outcomes.

As a business, you need to be aware of the security threats that are out there and how to protect yourself against them. Adaptive DNS provides an added layer of security with its DDoS protection feature. It automatically detects and prevents malicious attacks by recognizing the signature of malicious activities. This protection is backed by a team of security professionals that monitor the network and will take action immediately to protect your system from any potential threats.

The solution incorporates segment management automatically. The cost of Adaptive DNS is determined on the size of your network, the services you desire, and the quantity of support you need.

Infoblox is trusted by many of the world’s leading enterprises and service providers, with customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium sized businesses. No matter the size or location of your business, you can count on Infoblox for reliability, accuracy, and speed.

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Infoblox offers support for all DNS records, allowing businesses to quickly and easily deploy their DDI solution. With Infoblox, records can be easily edited and are automatically updated in real time. This is ideal for businesses that need to budget their time and resources, as they can avoid manual mistakes and speed up the process of setting up the DDI solution.

The grid master and the ability to see how many soft nets are loaded from your container are among IPAM’s best features. You can control your internal networks and make the data available on the internet outside of the network thanks to Infoblox. It can be done pretty easily.

In terms of DDI, we’d say Infoblox’s DNS security is also one of its best feature. DNS tunnelling poses a serious security risk and is very challenging to prevent. Nevertheless, Infoblox resolves this problem and offers superior security against a challenging attack.

The only area where Infoblox IPAM can be improved is in terms of flexibility and compatibility with IPv6. The switch from IPv4 to IPv6 has proven problematic, and while Infoblox is working to fix it, it would be preferable if the team could find a solution more quickly. We’d want to see a smoother transition from IPv4 to IPv6 in the upcoming version of the solution.

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