Apple App Store has permitted unlisted apps to be accessed directly.


The new Apple policy will enable app developers to create specific apps that they can submit to the Apple App Store for publication. However, the most recent change permits secret or unlisted apps to show up in the App Store. Only a small number of people will have access to these Apps. These Unlisted Apps won’t be visible to the general public or in search results.

Apple strives to make using its products easier for its users by providing the best experiences and solutions. In 2008, it launched the Apple App Store, and since then it has expanded the availability of digital apps. Before the exponential rise in the number of apps, the App Store only had 500 apps when it first launched. More than 4 million games and non-game apps are now available in the Apple App Store. These apps were designed with the users’ needs in mind. However, the Apple app Store only partially satisfies the unique requirements of businesses, research organizations, and public events.

Therefore, the new requirement that unlisted apps be allowed is crucial for businesses and online communities. We’ll go over how to create and release your Unlisted App in this article. So let’s start exploring the subject.

How can unlisted apps be distributed?


The new Apple policy will enable app developers to create specific apps that they can submit to the Apple App Store for publication. These unlisted apps are only accessible through a direct link. These apps won’t be visible to the general public and will only serve the needs of businesses, organizations, and special events.

These apps don’t appear in any categories, charts, listings, suggestions, or search results on the App Store. Through Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager, the only way to have unrestricted access to these apps is. The intended audience and team members can receive unlisted apps via a direct link.

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You can make unlisted apps available to:

  • all of the regions that the Apple App Store supports.
  • devices owned by employees. Normally, Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager cannot be used to manage such devices.
  • Such unlisted applications can also be distributed to your target market via a direct link. Your partners, affiliates, and research participants may be your target audience. The direct link can be used with Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, and the App Store.

How do I get a link to an unlisted app?

For distribution and to use this facility, a link to an unlisted app is essential. You must ask Apple for a direct link in order to get one. Fill out the request form completely and according to the instructions, whether your unlisted app was approved or sent for review.

Create a new App record in App Store Connect if they have made your app available for private download. Before submitting the request form, upload the binary information and modify the distribution method for the general public.

Your app’s distribution method will switch to unlisted apps once Apple has approved it. Apple does not accept requests for beta or pre-release versions of unlisted apps. Therefore, before submitting the request form, make sure your unlisted app is ready to publish and fully developed.

How do you distribute unlisted apps?

A link will be sent to you once Apple has approved your app. You can access the unlisted app on Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager by clicking on this link. Access to the unlisted app would be available to anyone with this direct link.

So, ensure that the link can only be accessed by people who are on your team, involved in a research project, or running a business. Additionally, there are some controls you can employ to stop the unauthorized use of unlisted apps.

Finally, a few words

Apple can assist you if you want to have an app that can meet your unique needs. The possibility of anything you can imagine is one of the most fundamental shifts in this data age. Simply ask Apple for an unlisted app if you require a specific app that isn’t listed on the Apple App Store. Apple will review your request form and evaluate the app’s specifications and compatibility.

Once it has been accepted, you can distribute it to your coworkers or business partners. Additionally, you can grant direct links to anyone to grant them access. Such customized apps will usher in a new era of digital transformation, and Apple is once again at the forefront.


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