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2022 saw a 24% growth in the global dropshipping market, which grew to an all-time high of $196.78 billion. Entrepreneurs who want to benefit from this growth look for the newest and best tools, but many discover that the promises don’t materialise. Why Unified offers a fresh take on conventional dropshipping and is a relative newcomer to the market for dropshipping platforms. Robert Nikic, CEO of Why Unified, explains what sets the company apart and responds to the key concerns dropshippers have regarding success.

What to anticipate in the dropshipping industry

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In 2022, dropshipping growth broke a previous record, but analysts predict it won’t stay there. In fact, the market will top $243 billion by 2023, and it will pass $300 billion for the first time by 2024. The market value is anticipated to reach a peak of more than $370 billion by 2025, and growth is predicted to continue through that year. Every year, thousands of business owners enter the dropshipping industry in an effort to take advantage of this expansion. Although there are many opportunities, there is fierce competition, and as the market’s value rises, the competition will only get worse.

Entrepreneurs will need to develop fresh, cutting-edge strategies for selling their goods as the value of the dropshipping market expands globally. Successful e-commerce requires thought, planning, and management; it is not as easy as picking a dropshipping tool and then watching the sales come in. Dropshippers who want to remain competitive in the future should think about:

  • Brand recognition. Every popular online brand has a persona or identity that distinguishes it. Dropshippers must create their own brand persona using tools like recognisable logos and brand colours, consistent messaging, branded emails, and more if they want to stay competitive in a growing industry.
  • Offerings of products. Customers’ desired products are sold by prosperous online retailers. It’s crucial to select an industry or niche, then offer trendy or well-liked goods at reasonable prices.
  • Traffic and marketing. Even the most effective website won’t help dropshippers sell products if no one knows it even exists. Traffic can be greatly increased by using social media marketing, SEO, and astute email marketing strategies.
  • Creation of a sales funnel. Traffic won’t sell products by itself. A functional sales funnel is essential to the development of a truly successful online retail store.
  • Customer fidelity. It is possible to use upselling, cross-selling, and down-selling to facilitate repeat purchases with a strong brand identity, great product offerings, exceptional marketing, and proper sales funnel development. This is where true success lies.

Why Unified and Robert Nikic are Changing the Game

Why Unified, a dropshipping platform that offers business owners the answers to the most frequent dropshipping problems, was founded and is led by Robert Nikic. In order to understand Robert’s perspective on dropshipping tools and why Unified is expected to be one of the fastest-growing companies in 2023, we had a conversation with him.


E-commerce appears to be difficult for some people. Is dropshipping no longer a thing, or is something else going on?

Robert’s Response

“The numbers show that dropshipping is still very much alive, but the outmoded approach to dropshipping is actually no longer used. In actuality, it is expanding more quickly than many analysts and experts anticipated. Dropshipping will increase by more than 24% between 2020 and 2026, and many analysts predict that the market will surpass $500 million as early as 2027. People who are on the fence about starting an online retail store should do so right away because dropshipping is growing tremendously. The better off they will be in the upcoming years, the earlier they can establish their reputation and begin the marketing process.”


Why do so many dropshippers seem to struggle or even fail if dropshipping is thriving?

Robert’s Response

“Over the course of my involvement with Why Unified, I’ve observed that many dropshippers are not fully aware of the risks associated with dropshipping. Sadly, the majority of platforms and tools being sold to new dropshippers promise to help them make money, but in practise they either don’t work or are too difficult for someone who is completely new to e-commerce to use. Significant risks include the lengthy shipping times, subpar goods, unrecognised brands, exorbitant price tags, and slim profit margins.

The problem is that WooDropship, AliDropship, and other rivals don’t deal with these problems. The learning curve is steep and no instructions are provided when the tools are given to entrepreneurs. Customers must wait weeks for their orders to be filled because the products sold through these platforms are not well-known and ship from abroad. Additionally, the pricing schemes barely contribute to increasing sales. Consumers will choose to purchase a product from a rival if they can do so for less money. If a visitor does decide to make a purchase, the profit margins are so slim that the dropshipper struggles to make any money at all.

In other words, dropshippers struggle because they can’t create and promote a competitive store using the available tools. Customers want to buy reliable goods at reasonable prices, and they don’t want to have to wait weeks for those goods to arrive. I wanted Why Unified to help dropshippers achieve that, and it does just that. It solves all of the most frequent problems dropshippers encounter and enables them to go up against e-commerce behemoths like Amazon, Walmart, and others.


Why Unified modifies the game in what ways? What about the platform enables your clients to achieve genuine, long-term success?

Robert’s Response

The big e-commerce goliaths are to blame for the fact that consumers have high expectations when they shop online. They anticipate receiving those goods at their doors in a timely manner, along with high-quality products from well-known brands. With Why Unified, I wanted to provide a user-friendly, flexible platform that would address every problem that prevents dropshippers from succeeding.

Our Dropship Plus package includes everything a dropshipper needs to succeed and is completely all-inclusive. Using the requirements and desires of our customers, we create a brand-new store. We work with our clients to identify their brand identities before helping them develop logos and brand colours that we use across all platforms, from social media to our clever email campaigns. We manage every aspect of marketing, including paid social media advertisements, website content, SEO, and more. We design and construct sales funnels to put our clients’ products in front of the appropriate customers at the appropriate times. We cross-sell, upsell, and downsell to encourage repeat business. We manage the entire process from beginning to end, and each client has access to a straightforward dashboard that displays their..We provide weekly reporting, and our customer service is always happy to answer questions or address concerns. We are the only platform that can provide its clients with a completely hands-off dropshipping experience.”

Our rivals don’t carry out these actions. They market expensive tools that require online training to comprehend, followed by more expensive tools that are intended to make the first tool simpler to use. Many of the customers who use Why Unified claim that they spent tens of thousands of dollars with our competitors but got nowhere. It was also not ideal to sell unknown, subpar goods with month-long shipping. With Why Unified, dropshippers have access to hugely well-known brands like Crest and Starbucks and can give their customers prices that are frequently less expensive than those of the retail behemoths.Additionally, they have access to two-day shipping, which is essential for shops that want to remain relevant in the modern world. For a single, transparent price, the Why Unified Dropship Plus plan offers everything a person could possibly need to succeed.

Why Unified is forever changing the game

The days of spending thousands of dollars on subpar e-commerce stores that don’t bring in sales are long gone. Why Unified is today’s most innovative and disruptive dropshipping platform. It was developed to address problems brought on by some of the most well-known dropshipping platforms, but more importantly, it was made to be simple for business owners to use and implement. Why Unified is the undisputed leader in the dropshipping sector thanks to its flexibility and transparent pricing. Thanks to Why Unified’s innovative approach to dropshipping, more than 20,000 business owners worldwide have achieved incredible success.


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