Introducing qMeet, an Advanced Video Conferencing Platform

Video Conferencing
Tools for video conferencing are widely used in business, education, and public meetings. Having the capacity to convene large groups of people without requiring that they be present in the same physical location makes setting up meetings and other group collaborations much easier.Although widely used video conferencing technologies are functional and adaptable, they do have some flaws. The quality of live broadcasts frequently suffers. This may be caused by issues with bandwidth, sluggish transfer rates, and a variety of other problems.Delays, bad sound and visual quality, and voice “squelching” are the main issues. These problems are known to everyone who frequently utilises video conferencing platforms.What is the solution, and is it feasible to produce a high-quality copy? Since the conference uses so many different sources, it may be challenging to achieve the highest quality during the live broadcast. However, with a tool like qMeet from Pixoport LLC, it is possible to return the broadcast to its original quality before it is uploaded, for example, to YouTube for viewing.Let’s take a closer look at qMeet.

Describe qMeet.

The best approach to explain qMeet is as an algorithm used by the conference organiser or another designated user to guarantee that a high-quality local copy of the conference broadcast is available.The user can change everything in qMeet in the background or after the broadcast. Everything that was broadcast is remembered by the tool, including all titles, images, window size changes, effects, and so forth.This makes it possible to restore the original local broadcast in its entirety. The qMeet programme can put everything together because the user has all of the base HQ files from each participant and can view the quality version as many times as needed.

Why is qMeet the best platform for video conferencing?

For all users, having an easy-to-use video conferencing platform is a benefit. Such a platform, which enables broadcasts of exceptional quality, is qMeet.Desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones can all be used with the qMeet application suite. Once a user gets some expertise with it, they find it to be surprisingly simple to use. It is versatile and accurate.The tool’s purpose is to make it possible for all of the participants in an online conference to communicate with one another. All source switches, screen changes, titles, effects, and visuals used throughout the conference are actively “remembered” by the master programme.The primary user is thus able to overcome the issues noted earlier—delays, interruptions, bad sound, etc.—and reconstitute an accurate and excellent version of the broadcast because this is taking place in the background.The advantages of this are obvious: all participants are heard and seen in high definition, and all points are stated with precision.

Do I Need to Use qMeet?

Let’s say you schedule conferences, meetings, or even seminars online. In that situation, qMeet is an effective tool that solves a lot of the common issues that arise with using the well-known platforms.These issues are significant during live broadcasts even though they aren’t usually the app’s responsibility – bandwidth and bad broadband connections, for example, happen everywhere.In addition to not having bandwidth restrictions, qMeet also does not have issues with broadcast time, resolution, frame rate, or colour depth, all of which are common issues with video platforms.This indicates that qMeet can keep up with any standard of broadcasting platform, such as 4K on YouTube, and can adapt to new advances. For video editors—and by that we mean regular people rather than professionals—the option to fully restore to the original broadcast quality is something that will make life much simpler.Read More: How to Create Breakout Rooms in Google Meet ahead of Time through Google Calendar


Without a doubt, qMeet will be useful in a variety of contexts, including business, education, and other areas. This is a group of tools that give vloggers and video producers affordable access to broadcasts of a high calibre.Users have the option of using the free version or paying a charge to access more sophisticated features. From a PC or smartphone, qMeet enables studio-standard broadcasting. Contact us right now for further details.

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