No More Anonymous Messaging Apps for the Snap Kit Platform

The new update will affect how developers can easily integrate certain aspects of Snapchat into the apps they develop.

Snap Kit Platform

Snap Kit policies were recently revised, making things even more difficult for some developers. The latest upgrade will have an impact on how easy it is for developers to incorporate Snapchat features into their apps.

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Snap’s Reaction to the Multiple Bullying Lawsuits Filed Against the Company

According to PCMag, the new upgrade was prompted by a number of lawsuits filed “after many youngsters committed suicide” as a result of social media bullying. The new adjustments will make it more difficult for developers to exploit Snapchat’s anonymity feature.

Snap will no longer allow Snap Kit developers to create “anonymous chat apps” for the platform, according to TechCrunch. On “friend-finding” applications, the next update will impose age verification limits.

Why New Changes Need to be Implemented to the Snap Kit

This new adjustment is intended to keep users from falling into the hands of child predators looking for victims. Overall, the new changes aim to improve platform safety and address the issue raised in a recent case in which a number of teenagers committed suicide.

According to PCMag, the adjustments have been incorporated into the Snap Kit’s official Safety Guidelines. Two key adjustments to the platform have been made in order to make it safer for its users.

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First Change to the Snap Kit Platform

The first adjustment specifies that both friend-finding and dating services will be prohibited unless the applications have strong age-gated measurements and age limitations for users under the age of 18.

Integrations, on the other hand, will be subject to a Review Process and may be required to provide further information. There was no mention of what more information would be required.

Second Change to the Snap Kit Platform

Anonymous integrations are another new feature. To put it another way, apps that allow users to interact anonymously over Snapchat will be banned.

The Snap Kit provides developers with 30 days to adopt the new policies. Some developers, though, do not appear to be in need of adjustment, according to the source.

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Snap Says Only 2% Affected by Anonymity and 3% by Age Restriction

According to Snap, the rule concerning anonymous messaging applications would effect only 2% of Snap Kit developers, while the modifications to the age restriction will touch only 3%. Snap also told TechCrunch that it wants to “create an environment” where apps can assist consumers defend their safety, privacy, and well-being.

Snap also promised to review its official standards, monitor app compliance, and collaborate with developers to “defend the well-being of our community.”

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