SEO Checklist for Local Businesses in Fulham

SEO Checklist

If you run a small business in Fulham – online you will no doubt be implementing SEO to try and get your brand noticed. But if your small business services local needs, have you been focussing your efforts on local SEO?

Why Local SEO?

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As a small business owner whose customers are local, it is essential that you keep on top of local SEO in fulham because it’s one of the main ways that your customers will find you. 

Local SEO is similar in theory to standard SEO, but instead of competing with everyone, your competition is much narrower as you are creating hyper-targeted campaigns, truly bespoke experiences designed to attract customers within a set radius of your business. 

By undertaking local SEO, you can expect to get better rankings locally, more page visits from people within your vicinity, as well as more conversions.

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What is local SEO?

Local SEO is an extremely effective way of marketing your small business locally, online. It is a way of promoting your products and services to customers who are local to you, just as they’re conducting a local search.

So what is a local search? 

When you search online for something, say natural wine, for example, if you’re looking for a stockist of natural wine, you aren’t going to care one iota if there is a superb stockist halfway around the world who can supply you with what you’re looking for. What you want to find is someone nearby who can give you what you want. 

And that is what local searches allow for. 

You would ordinarily type in ‘natural wine UK’, ‘natural wine London’, or simply (if you have location services turned on) ‘natural wine nearby’, and the resulting search will unearth all of the local natural wine suppliers if not nearby, at least in the locale or in the UK.

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Which small businesses need local SEO?

Regardless of the size of your business, if you target local customers, your business needs local SEO. How do you know if your business is local? 

It’s local if:

  • Your company services a particular area, like Fulham
  • Your business is a franchise
  • You want to increase traffic, leads, and conversions from local clients
  • You want to show up on the SERP maps and Google’s local pack
  • Your business doesn’t offer your services outside of your local area

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