Captain America Shield is included with the confirmed OnePlus 10T Marvel Edition.

OnePlus 10T Marvel Edition

All of its fans will be surprised by OnePlus when it returns. The OnePlus 10T Marvel Edition, a new special edition of the company’s 10th generation phone, will be made available. This special version honours the OnePlus phone’s tenth generation and a partnership with Marvel.

There Are Exclusive Accessories Included with the 10T Marvel Edition.

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The 10T Marvel Edition appears to be just like any other Moonstone black OnePlus 10T, according the Giz China report. The fact that it has fantastic accessories, each of which alludes to an MCU hero, is what makes it so unique and distinctive (Marvel Cinematic Universe). These add-ons include a Black Panther phone stand, a Captain America PopSocket grip, and an Iron Man case.

The publication of this limited edition is a significant lead-up to the December 26 Disney+ premiere of the Black Panther movie. Additionally, the OnePlus 10T Marvel Edition has 256GB of internal storage and 16GB of RAM.

What is the Price of the OnePlus 10T Marvel Edition?

According to GSM Arena, it costs INR 56,000 in India, which is approximately $676–$677 in US dollars. There is currently no information available regarding its availability outside of India. There will, however, be a very small number of these restricted editions made available.

Before OnePlus introduces a new product at an event scheduled for December 17, the OnePlus 10T Marvel Edition appears to be the company’s best surprise. It appears that OnePlus is leaving on a high note, and more surprises are to come. If you’re a fan of the company or of Marvel, be sure to keep an eye out for new releases.

ARC Reactor and Marc Armor Colors on the MCU Case

For the release of the OnePlus 10T’s limited edition, OnePlus has re-established its partnership with Marvel. Even if the OnePlus 11 series is soon to arrive, the 10th generation still has the OnePlus 10T Marvel Edition limited edition to give it one final life.

In Moonstone black, it has a similar appearance to other OnePlus 10T models, but the accessories distinguish it as a special edition. A unique case featuring the colours of a Marc Armor and the ARC reactor in the centre, a PopSocket grip designed to resemble Captain America’s shield, and a Black Panther phone stand are just a few examples of the accessories’ overt nods to MCU heroes.

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The device has 256 GB of internal storage and 16 GB of RAM.

The OnePlus 10T Marvel Edition will include 256 GB of internal storage and 16 GB of RAM. The phone is listed on the Shop Disney India website and will cost INR 56,000 when it is sold in India.

As of yet, there is no information on this edition’s availability abroad. OnePlus has developed a reputation for its limited edition models over time, like the OnePlus 6 Avengers Edition and the OnePlus 5T Star Wars.

It’s not entirely apparent why a Marvel edition is being released. Still, it might be a way to generate more interest because the corporation has a big event planned for December 17.


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