What Does Google Do When It Ends Duplex on the Web Service?


In response to the company’s note on the Search Console Help page, Google is removing the Duplex on the Web Service. Google Assistance has benefited from the technology because it enables Android users to buy movie tickets online.

In addition, it enabled the digital assistant to visit different websites on its own. Since it’s so simple to store a person’s personal information from a Google account, this has been a popular tool for those looking to make reservations.

The Duplex on the Web Service is Being Discontinued

The world’s largest search engine will now “completely” concentrate on enhancing its AI for Duplex voice technology.
The Assistant-based technology will soon be discontinued, according to Google’s confirmation to TechCrunch. Users won’t be able to access Duplex on the Web any more by the end of this year.

Duplex is getting better all the time, and we’re listening to user and developer input to figure out how to make it even better.

We’ll stop supporting Duplex on the Web by the end of the year and fully devote our efforts to advancing the Duplex voice technology, which benefits most people every day, according to Google’s statement to TechCrunch.

In addition to assisting moviegoers, Duplex on the Web also enables users to protect their accounts by instantly changing passwords in the event of an unforeseen data breach.

Additionally, they can use this technology to browse e-commerce stores for attractive deals. In addition, it can be useful when making reservations for flights that use the air.

For users of Google Assistant, the built-in password leak detector, which was released in 2019, was developed. This function of Autofill technology is useful. Furthermore, Google doesn’t need to employ a trained AI model to achieve that.

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The Potential Cause of the Shutdown

According to a report by Engadget, Google’s viewpoint on the cost of training an AI for website parsing may be the main factor in the decision to discontinue the Duplex on the Web service.

The service makes use of a “special user agent,” which serves as a crawler for hours, as the industry titan of search engines notes on its support page.

The company views this as “resource-intensive,” meaning that site owners may easily block it. Indexing the content will be made more difficult if this passes.

The modifications made to Google Assistant could also be a factor in the company’s decision to discontinue the service. The Information pointed out in its article that the tech giant is avoiding making investments in products that it did not invent.

This indicates that Google considers its own work to be profitable but then realises it needs to make further investments to advance the Google Assistant over time.

That said, once Google decides to stop supporting their devices, the other vendors will need to pick up their “hardware playbook.”

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