Top 5 Technology Trends for IT Services in 2022

Nearshore companies are equally as dependable, capable, and offer more benefits. Here are five nearshore IT service technology trends and how they might benefit your company.

Technology Trends

A growing number of organizations in the United States are turning to nearshore IT services, which have become increasingly popular over the last several months. As the term implies, nearshoring is the practice of outsourcing services to countries in close proximity to one’s own country in order to deal with strong internal demand, high costs, and intense competition, among other benefits.

Many firms already rely on outsourced IT management services to keep their systems up to date and functioning properly. They are just as dependable and capable as onshore enterprises, and they also provide additional advantages. An overview of the top five technology trends for nearshore IT services in 2022, along with examples of how they might help your company, is presented below:

5G technology

When it first became available, the biggest disadvantage of 5G technology was that it was only available in limited areas. Previously, 5G was only available in a few chosen areas, but that is no longer the case. Nearshore enterprises are able to provide 5G technology to any organization that is considering outsourcing as part of their information technology and operations. High speeds, low latency, improved capacity, more bandwidth, and less tower congestion are all characteristics of 5G.

Choosing organizations that have 5G technology can result in increased efficiency in correspondence, deployment, troubleshooting, and management. You can also upgrade to 5G if your company is located in an area where the network is capable of operating at the same level as your partner’s network. Latin America has prioritized the adoption of 5G technology, which is projected to be fully implemented over the next couple of years, according to the World Bank.

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IT automation

Automation and hyper-automation have been around for a while, but they continue to evolve and appear in a variety of innovative technologies on a regular basis. Business information technology automation extends beyond digitization (migrations from analog to digital environments). Nearshore organizations are continuously looking for innovative ways to eliminate the need for human intervention by speeding up the delivery of IT infrastructure.

Businesses that outsource IT services to nearshore organizations might reap a variety of benefits from automation. It is possible to deploy ready-made business solutions that do not require extensive customization. Instead, you may outsource IT services to nearshore professionals who would be able to take use of the latest automation technology. The goal is to streamline operations while also increasing the efficiency of your information technology infrastructure.

Container technology

The adoption of container software by major cloud computing companies, such as Docker, Apache, Mesos, and Kubernetes, is a sign of the times. Already, companies such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are taking advantage of these technologies, and your company should as well. The use of container technology to create unique cross-platform solutions across many environments is a natural requirement when working with nearshore IT.

IT professionals may package apps, processes, databases, and other resources into containers that are supplied as a single unit thanks to this technology. Machine-environment boundaries are successfully eliminated, allowing you to employ solutions across several servers or even the cloud without encountering difficulties. Container management might also be handled by nearshore enterprises.

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Serverless computing

Server management may be difficult and time-consuming, if not downright expensive. The hardware and systems must be evaluated on a regular basis in order to avoid problems, yet things could still go wrong due to unforeseeable circumstances. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular among organizations, and developers are continuing to create applications that do not require server administration.

Serverless computing refers to the use of cloud-native apps, systems, and storage that do not require a physical server to function. The virtualization of corporate servers enables teams to access information from any location at any time without the need to physically go. It also results in simple scalability, as well as the elimination of the costs associated with maintaining and safeguarding physical servers. Cloud computing is a wonderful fit for Nearshore IT services because it is very scalable.

Virtual desktop infrastructure

Another technology that is appropriate for nearshore IT providers who operate for your company remotely is virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). There are numerous benefits to using a virtual desktop infrastructure, ranging from simplified IT management to increased control, increased flexibility, cost savings, and support for distant workers. Virtual environments and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) are used by the majority of nearshore IT companies to manage business tasks remotely.

The use of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will increase in 2022 as more employees are required to work from home or other off-site locations. Even though the technology isn’t new, it is steadily gaining popularity among firms who are searching for outsourced or managed information technology services. More regions are also establishing home internet infrastructure, which will improve the efficiency of remote working and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Working with a nearshore software development business can result in a solution that is tailored to your specific requirements. It is critical to evaluate all developing technologies in order to invest in profitable prospects with a predictable return on investment. The goal is to take advantage of new technology without going over budget, and nearshore companies such as Sonatafy Technology provide the most economical options. Getting customized apps, suites, and services that are linked with your present IT procedures, as well as your future forecasts, is possible.

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