How to Factory Reset Windows 10 in Easy Steps

It may be time to restore the computer to its out-of-box settings when your Windows 10 machine is on the fritz. This is how to reset your PC in the factory.

Factory Reset Windows 10 Easy Steps

When your Windows 10 machine operates, it could be tricky to run the Refresh Windows tool from Microsoft or uninstall a recent update. If you’re lent your PC, but it may be time for you to back up your files and reset your PC to its factory settings, if you get a serious error message. The following steps (hopefully) will make your computer work smoothly again.

Recovery Settings

Factory Reset Windows 10

To open the Settings window, click the Start menu and select the gear icon in the bottom-left. The Settings application can also be selected from the app list. Under Settings, click Update & Security > Recovery, then select Get started under Reset this PC.

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Save or Remove Files

Factory Reset Windows 10

There are two options at this point: You can either keep your personal files and only delete downloaded applications and settings or you can wipe it all and get started. An additional setting will also be provided for each choice.

When you choose to hold my files, applications, and settings you’re going to save your personal files, as they were when your PC was brand new. Alternatively, any pre-installed apps will be returned, but you can prevent it by clicking on Changing settings on and off the Additional Settings screen.

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Factory Reset Windows 10

To delete all, click Remove All, and all files will be simply deleted by Windows. This is the default option for removing your personal files the quickest way. However, by clicking Change settings in the Additional settings screen, you can also choose to clean the drive entirely, then turn to the Data erasure option.

While it takes several hours to finish, this is the safer option. Microsoft recommends completely wiping the drive if you are trying to get rid of your PC, which will make recovering deleted files much harder.

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