Google Pixel 4A News: Is Android 14 Not Coming?

The Android 14 update might not be available for the Google Pixel 4A.

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In 2020, the Google Pixel 4a’s release was delayed from May to August for a variety of reasons, which made for an odd release schedule. There is a lot of rumour swirling regarding the Pixel 4a’s ability to receive the next Android 14 update as the device approaches its third birthday.

Is the Pixel 4a compatible with Android 14?

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Online rumours suggest that the Google Pixel 4a might not receive the Android 14 upgrade, which was released earlier this week. Only Pixel smartphones can access the Android 14 developer preview, but the Pixel 4a was regrettably excluded.

This raises the question of whether the Pixel 4a is qualified for the most recent Android update, per the Giz China report. When the Pixel 4a was first released in August 2020, Google rolled out the Android 10 upgrade for it. Later updates included Android 11, 12, and 13.

Probability of the Pixel 4a Receiving the Android 14 Update

The planned Android 14 version would be the fourth major update for the phone, although it is still unclear if the handset will be able to receive it. According to 9to5Google, there is still some time before Android 14 is formally released.

As a result, there is still a potential that the Pixel 4a will receive the Android 14 update before the stable release, which is scheduled to happen in August. Google can decide not to include the phone in the beta testing process and instead simply release the upgrade once Android 14 is stable.

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Will Google Accept the Challenge of Providing Four Major Updates for Android?

Given that many companies give four or more significant Android updates, Google may need to improve its game to remain competitive. In the end, as was previously said in an article by Gizmo China, only time will tell if the Pixel 4a receives its own Android 14 update.

Remember that Google frequently excludes devices from the beta testing stage to the stable release; the Google Pixel 4a and the Android 14 update may fall under this category. It is sad that Google hasn’t followed suit despite numerous phone manufacturers promising users at least four significant updates.

The Android 14 Update and Google’s Commitment to the Pixel 4a

Users of the Google Pixel 4a are still holding out hope that Android 14 will be released. By April or May, the beta testing phase should start, and it will last until June or July before the final release, which is scheduled for some time in August. The Google Pixel 4a should be ready for the Android 14 update if it is included in this testing round.

Since other smartphone makers have promised to four significant Android updates, customers will closely monitor Google to determine their level of support for the Pixel 4a.

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