2nd Review: EGD L60 L Shaped Electric Standing Gaming Desk

Gaming Desk

“The Real Question: Why Aren’t There More Like the EGD L60 L-Shaped Gaming Desk?”

Breaking down the EGD L60 L-shaped gaming desk proves as easy and satisfying as setting it up.

Grade: 5/5

EGD L60 L Shaped Electric Standing Gaming Desk


  • 60 inches across
  • 24-43 inches deep (including L panel)
  • 30-48 inches tall (adjustable height)

PRICE: $457.59

A gaming desk that stands? At this point, you’re just looking for a gaming desk you won’t have to worry about falling apart in your hands (or at your feet). That’s how low our standards have gotten. Why do we do this to ourselves? Let’s take a page out of the EGD L60’s book and raise these standards a tad (or a lot, as the case may be).

Thankfully, products with integrity still exist. And in our particular context, that’s saying something—because the market has become submerged in subpar gaming desks of late. So, let’s get to breaking down the EGD L60 L-Shaped Gaming Desk so you can get to the important part (enjoying it).

Gaming Desk


Gaming Desk

If you’re looking for a gaming desk with standing desk capabilities, the EGD L60 L-Shaped Electric Standing Gaming Desk is your girl. It’s ergonomic, space-efficient, and possesses many features to ensure you get the most out of your new gaming desk investment. The electric standing mechanism is virtually soundless (a major plus), and the dual motor-powered desktop rises evenly all around. From what I gather, the hardware and software of the rising technology are patented and unique by Eureka Ergonomic, which gives me more assurance as you see a lot of standing desks breaking down for similar reasons. Not with the EGD L60! It also comes with memory presets for quicker access.

Gaming Desk

The L-Shaped surface has enough room to support monitors, laptops, consoles, keyboards, and more (up to 220 pounds of it, in fact). The desktop gives you the space you need to get your work done without restricting your movement. I love how it lets me perfectly configure my computer setup and gaming setup to suit my personal habits. I feel like I finally struck gold with this one—the EGD L60 has granted my setup more fluidity, making it effortless to transition from work to play and vice versa.

Gaming Desk


Gaming Desk

With a frame constructed from high-grade cold-rolled steel, the EGD L60 L-Shaped Electric Standing Gaming Desk guarantees durability. Its I-shaped legs work very well because not only are they strong but they are compact, opening up lots of room underneath the desktop. Likewise, the desktop is carbon fiber texture—top quality and sleek-looking while also defending against scratches, heat, water, and impact.

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Gaming Desk

The producer likes to bring attention to their manufacturing processes, compliance with EPA and other regulatory standards, and their sustainable, eco-friendly materials. In my eyes, there’s no reason not to want to emphasize those aspects. In my eyes, this should be what all gaming desk producers are doing. Especially when you take into consideration all the low-quality stuff that gets cleared to be sold on Amazon. Reviews like this have become our new way of verifying a product’s quality. (Another reason why I felt it was incumbent upon me to write this review.)

Gaming Desk


Gaming Desk

The EGD L60 L-Shaped Electric Standing Gaming Desk doesn’t overthink itself. It understands that one of its main draws is its stylistic versatility—it passes as a gaming desk, as a standing desk, as a work desk. What it does, which I really respect, is it perfectly represents the dependability you want. When you look at it, you see sturdiness, you see an unblemished surface, you see an emphasis on ergonomics. Your eyes do not deceive you.

Gaming Desk

Potential buyers who are concerned about the fit of this gaming desk in their room—you can purchase it with the side panel on the right or the left. The EGD L60 also comes with a custom-made micro woven mousepad that boasts a cool red scorpion graphic. Simple, adaptable, reliable—I can’t wait till other gaming desk producers decide to make something this good.

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Gaming Desk

Visit: https://eurekaergonomic.com/gaming-desk/

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