Oral Hygiene Hacks: How to Clean Your Electric Toothbrush?

“Read on to learn how to clean your electric toothbrush properly. Although many individuals still use a traditional toothbrush for oral care, other people now prefer electric toothbrushes.

Electric Toothbrush

People continue to rely on traditional toothbrushes for oral care, but more and more choose electric toothbrushes.

It is really convenient because you do not need to use up-and-down strokes to clean your teeth. It has also been proved to dissolve plaque effectively and easily.

As with other household appliances, it is necessary to clean your electric toothbrush to extend its life. Maintaining the cleanliness of your belongings helps facilitate optimum oral health.

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Why You Should Clean Your Electric Toothbrush

When it comes to dental care, always keeping your teeth clean entails a great deal of responsibility. Your teeth do require routine cleaning to prevent tooth decay and other diseases.

However, you must also routinely clean your electric toothbrush to maintain its effectiveness. Since current toothbrushes are entirely electric, it is easier to reach difficult-to-reach parts of the mouth.

Note that the bristles can effectively clean even the smallest places in your mouth. Occasionally, an electric toothbrush will appear to be operating, but a foul-smelling buildup of sludge will occur without your knowledge.

It’s advisable to clean your oral equipment just once a month, Express reported. This period is sufficient to ensure that your electric toothbrush will continue to perform in the next years.

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How to Keep Your Electric Toothbrush Clean

Deep Cleaning the Toothbrush Head

If you want to keep your electric toothbrush in immaculate condition, you should replace its head every three months. If you observe that its bristles are beginning to fall out, it is time to replace it.

To preserve its cleanliness, a standard toothbrush must be rinsed with hot water. It will remove the particles adhered to it. It will also soften the bristles.

However, while cleaning the toothbrush head, it must be submerged in a bleach solution containing 10 parts water. Make sure to wear gloves when performing this procedure. Submerge it for one hour.

When you’re finished, rinse it with water and clean it down with a soft towel. You might try air-drying the toothbrush head to further eliminate any mold growth. This method also applies to the toothbrush you use at home.

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