Top 10 Healthcare App Development Companies in the USA

We constantly research for the best app development company in our region. I have brought out a top 10 list of healthcare app development companies in the USA.

Healthcare App Development Companies

The global healthcare industry is growing like no other industry. And, the demand for healthcare apps is also witnessing significant hype. The 21st century is the best time when you can plan to develop a healthcare app for your business.

Before proceeding, we constantly research for the best app development company in our region.

In today’s market, it isn’t easy to judge which development company can suit best for us.

I did some analysis on some platforms like Clutch, and GoodFirms visited their official website and LinkedIn page. I also reviewed the feedback given by their clients.

After researching the above criteria, I have brought out a top 10 list of healthcare app development companies in the USA.

Let’s get started!


AppsChopper is a leading healthcare app development company incorporated in 2011. They have 150+ expert programmers who work using all modern technologies. Their expertise is in developing native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps.

Their focus area is on developing apps for wearable, healthcare apps, fintech, education, food, etc.

Some of their famous clients are Buffalo Wings, Balance Benders, Bellybump, Absolute Vintage, etc. AppsChopper always thinks about their client and thus provide quality deliveries to them. All the projects acquired by them are served at cost-effective prices.

Their team is experienced and uses modern techniques like Java, Kotlin, C++, Swift, etc.

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SparxIT is an ISO 9001:2008 certified mobile app development company established in 2007. They deal in developing native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps for various mobile OS.

They have a team of 220+ professionals experienced in different technologies. Some of these technologies are Kotlin, Java, Swift, Flutter, React Native, etc.

They have worked on various brands like HP, Intel, Cosco, Pfizer, etc.

Their focus area is on developing apps for eCommerce, Fintech, education, retail, food, healthcare, etc.


With Praxent, you can modernize your customer experience and grow your business.

Over the last 20 years, they have delivered more than 300 projects to their clients across the globe.

It was established in 2002 and situated in the United States of America. They have dedicated developers in their team to work continuously work on your project.

They have worked in different sectors like Fintech, healthcare, insurance, wealth management, etc. The technologies they have worked on are ReactJS, Java, Kotlin, Swift, etc.

Some of their key clients are Benefit Harbor, Good Deed, Velocity Solutions, etc.

Zco Corporation

Zco Corporation has been serving its clients for the last 25 years. The offices are set up in Boston and New York.

They have more than 250 professional developers who are experienced in different domains. They have worked on various technologies like Kotlin, AJAX, AWS, NodeJS, Flutter, etc.

From startups to giant companies, they have served more than 500 happy clients. Some of their major clients are SingleDigits, Moodys Deli, PublicEye, etc.

December Labs

With offices in San Francisco, Houston, and Montevideo, they were established in 2014. They have a team of 40+ members who are well qualified and have expertise in different sectors.

They have worked in various industries like education, food, healthcare, etc.

The technologies they used are DevOps, blockchain, Machine Learning, Flutter, Java, Kotlin, etc.

They have served their services to some giant companies like Accenture, Zurich, and Google. If you want to rocket fuel your product, the December Labs team is ready to assist you.


Interexy is a well-known health care app development company with headquarters in Florida.

Since 2017, it has been delivering quality services to healthcare professionals, hospitals, fitness-conscious users, etc.

Their team comprises 50+ skilled healthcare developers and marketers. They have delivered more than 50 successful projects to their clients.

To develop an app with modern technologies, they use AngularJS, Java, Kotlin, Swift, etc.

Some of their key clients are Crumb, MUSL, MyRedGo, and MedkitDoc.

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iTech has a reputation for building healthcare apps for your business. Their teamwork from developing custom healthcare apps to using security protocols like HIPPA and PHIPA.

Founded in 2002 and have 3500 developers working on different projects. These projects are in various domains like healthcare, software, food, travel, etc.

Till now, they have served more than 350 clients from different origins. From startups to large-scale businesses, they deliver your project according to your business needs.

App Maisters

App Maisters was established in 2014 and is serving its clients across the globe.

When the talks come about developing a digital product with leading quality, App Maisters comes first.

Dealing from AI to Blockchain, App Maisters has worked in all modern technologies.

From government projects to multinational companies, they have all major global clients.

Some of their key clients are Stryker, Diamond Oil Technologies, Health, etc.

Octal IT Solution

Octal IT Solutions is one of the well-known healthcare app development companies. It has a strong presence in the USA, UK, and Singapore.

It was established in 2008, and since then, they have served more than 500 companies.

From small startups to giant multinational companies, they have global clients.

Some modern technologies they bring in their projects are Flutter, Kotlin, ReactJS, etc.

Over the years, they have gained a solid client base across the globe. Some of the leading clients are Omantel, BMW, Zee5, etc.


Apzumi was established in 2013 and is located in the USA. They have more than 100 professionals who are ready to help you in developing healthcare apps. They have worked on various technologies like Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, etc.

Their technical skills are highly appreciated by their clients. From hybrid to native apps, they are always ready to serve and fulfill your needs.

From small-business to large-scale, they are always ready to serve you with your problems.

Some of their key clients are Medici, Chanl Health, BodySite, etc.


All the above-listed companies have gained a good name in the app development market. You can avail of healthcare app development services by approaching any of them.

I hope this listicle will help you in choosing the healthcare app development company based on your requirement.

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