Underrated & Effective Marketing Tools 2021

Content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing have been some of the most efficient ways for businesses to get a better return on investment.

Email Marketing

The purchase pattern of every buyer has changed over time. Especially during the past year and a half. Consumers are more likely to show interest in the brands that speak to them and relates to them. Since the buyers have transformed, so has the marketing game evolved.

Businesses – big or small are now looking for different ways to approach the customer. Reaching them through an online medium has been the predominant aspect of every firm. That way they get to reach the masses in a short period.

Content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing have been some of the most efficient ways for businesses to get a better return on investment. Thus, investing more in the websites and applications that make their marketing team’s lives easier.

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However, things are not turning around as expected. The downside of using famous marketing platforms are many. From slow interface to inactive customer service. Most of the businesses are facing quite some issues and don’t know how to deal with them. Here are some of the underrated & upcoming websites that can be very helpful for your business.


This AI-powered website can access hundreds of email addresses in just a matter of seconds. It is an email scrapper obtaining any contact from any country’s professional. The email marketing team can find it really advantageous and time-saving.

This freemium website also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account. Thus, making it easier to find the email contact of the profile you’re looking at. GetEmail.io has an accuracy & efficiency rate of over 80%, which is a lot better than the other famous websites that claim.

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For every dollar you spend on email marketing, the return on investment is $42! This astounding number also proves the fact that email communication is the most effective means. Over 80% of professionals link their emails to gather new customers and also retain the old ones.

Omnisend relaxes your team by sending automatically. It has pre-built templates for different occasions and can send emails to your abandoned cart customers. What’s more, is its SMS option availability. It can help you reach out to your customer in different places.


For the owners of a given website, you’d want to know how your website’s doing. How much traffic can it get at a specific time, which backlinks are being more helpful etc? Its mission is, as the site suggests, to help small agencies do amazing technical SEO work using their desktop software.

This website audits your website to gather what’s happening from an SEO viewpoint. Its crawling technology helps you understand the underlying issues by Java rendering. It provides easy to read SEO issues and prioritises the ones as per your website. This website also explains every issue the website faces.

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The whole world is on one or the other social networking website. Well at least, 53% of the world’s population is. When trying to navigate through digital marketing it gets very difficult to reach out to your niche audience. You need to access your target audience by staying relevant and uploading content regularly.

SocialPilot is a cost-effective social media scheduling tool. It can customize your posts as per the platforms and also analyses how your post is doing online. It also provides a centralised inbox for you to answer all the comments from different platforms. With this website, you can be assured to have a hassle-free content posting.

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