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COVID’s outbreak in 2020 accelerated the adoption of e-commerce at an exponential rate. Historically, retail-focused firms were obliged to find a means to sell directly to the consumer, and those that were already set up for direct-to-consumer sales experienced significant data growth across the board.

This new norm has persisted into 2021, despite the fact that much of the United States has experienced a much-needed increase in retail foot traffic and sales. E-commerce behemoths like Shopify have leveled the playing field, allowing any individual or business to launch a business and sell directly to consumers with a relatively low entrance hurdle.

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Despite all of these significant shifts or expeditions back to pre-pandemic levels of activity, e-commerce remains a difficult game to master. Apple’s IOS upgrades have the potential to fundamentally alter the paid client acquisition game.

For the first time in the history of e-commerce, smart marketers, brands, and agencies have been forced to adopt a holistic approach to marketing and cannot rely just on sponsored traffic via Facebook and Instagram ads to reach, acquire, and retain customers.

eCommerce Brands’ Tools

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The following are some of the most useful resources, services, and apps for firms looking to expand their direct-to-consumer tactics.


Perhaps the most in-depth and concentrated coverage on the collision of commerce and content is available on 2PM. While it is highly scientific and well-researched, it is also really well articulated. It talks to companies, marketers, and agencies alike, and appears to always have the most current information on how to expand direct-to-consumer brands in the most meaningful way possible — not simply the latest hack or app.

Triple Whale

Despite the fact that e-commerce has access to substantially more data than traditional retail sales, there has been a big gap in the market for e-commerce brand owners and operators to examine, know, and comprehend their data without feeling overwhelmed.

While Triple Whale is a new application focused entirely on Shopify businesses, it has swiftly gained traction — all while offering new features every week (such as Lifetime Value cohorts, an easy-to-view revenue dashboard, and an e-commerce calculator to determine profitability).


In response to big advertising platforms’ tracking and attribution challenges, Kno has monopolized the market for post-purchase data. Kno is a must-have for Shopify businesses looking to supplement their client data with post-purchase surveys.

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With a big round of funding and a far greater return on investment than email marketing, Postscript is one of the leading players transforming SMS marketing from an annoyance to a critical component of how brands attract, retain, and expand owned audiences.

Postscript works seamlessly with Shopify stores and is well-known for their feature-rich products and white-glove customer support.


Supply chain difficulties and delivery delays have continued to plague the direct-to-consumer market as the volume of small parcels increases and the supply chain struggles to keep up. Customer service and experience have never been more critical, despite the fact that the majority of consumers understand the new normal of online ordering delays.

Gorgias delivers an unified dashboard and software that collects all customer interactions with your e-commerce firm. This includes, but is not limited to, telephone calls, email correspondence, direct messaging, and social media remarks.


While no perfect software exists to cover the data gap left by Apple’s significant iOS release, Elevar helps close the gaps left by traditional analytics and first-party data. It makes a substantial contribution to mapping the customer journey from prospect to long-term client while also discussing cross-channel ROI analysis.

Konstant Kreative

As brands continue to spend increasing amounts of money on sponsored social, creativity has become increasingly vital. Konstant Kreative outsources the creation of high-quality, scroll-stopping content for direct-to-consumer companies, supplementing or substituting for existing creative capabilities and infrastructure.

While this does not begin to cover all of the fantastic tools available, these foundational tools have enabled every merchant to continue to thrive in a ripe market as society continues to shift even more toward digital.

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