The Apple App Store Removed Over 540K Apps: App Store Sales Decline

Apple App Store

More than 500,000 applications were removed by Apple from its App Store. Why?

Over half a million apps are being removed from the Apple App Store, causing a massive exodus of software. Even the company’s App Store revenue has been impacted by the decline in apps.

Apple App Store

Recent data from the Apple App Store reveals how the company removed a significant number of apps from its platform.

The App Store reportedly makes a significant annual contribution to Apple’s overall revenue, according to a Tech Crunch article. As a result, the company monitors every app on its platform to guarantee that standards are upheld.

The various apps that are offered on the App Store have undergone enormous change over the years. But according to recent data, the number of App Store apps significantly decreased in the most recent quarter.

In the third quarter of 2022, the number of apps available on the App Store fell to a 7-year low.

Data cited in the Giz China article indicates that the number of apps available through the App Store has reached a seven-year low. In the third quarter of 2022, there were 1,642,759 apps in total on the platform, compared to 2,184,456 in the second quarter.

This indicates a drastic 24.79% drop in the number of apps available on the platform. 541,697 apps were removed from the Apple App Store, according to the data.

In terms of the number of apps, Google still dominates with over 3.5 million.

Despite the decline in apps, the platform continues to rank second in terms of platforms with the most apps. According to Statista, Google Play Store continues to lead the pack with a staggering 3,553,050 apps available.

With only 483,328 total apps, the Amazon Appstore is in third place, losing fewer apps than Apple did in the third quarter. Giz China’s article attempted to find a reason for the sharp decline in app downloads.

Apple App Store

App Store app removal is a regular annual practise.

According to the article, the company regularly purges apps from the Apple App Store on an annual basis. They typically carry out this practise once a year to ensure that the calibre of each app on their platform is maintained.

However, the significant decreases are not typical, and Apple does not perform them frequently. The corporation may have made this option to enhance its consumers’ overall app marketplace experience.

Apple informed all developers of the new App Store changes in April.

Apple informed all developers in April about the likelihood that it will be accepted into the App Store when it comes to user experience. The corporation declared that it will do rid of all out-of-date apps.

Only 30 days were given to developers to release the new updates; otherwise, they ran the risk of having their apps taken down from the App Store. It’s expected that Apple will continue to remove undesirable apps from the official App Store.

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