House Functions You Can Control from Your Smartphone

House Functions

The world of technology is seemingly constantly developing, with new inventions and innovations cropping up almost every other day.

If you are a self-described technology nerd and are interested in creating a control panel for your home from the comfort and ease of your phone, whenever you like and wherever you are, then continue reading.

Here are four key house functions you can control from your smartphone.

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Your Lighting

One of the most impressive ways you can control the appearance of your home, either from the couch in your sitting room or else when you are away from the property, is that you can sync each one of your lightbulbs to your phone.

Wi-Fi-enabled lightbulbs will not only turn on and off simply by pressing a button on your phone, but you can even change the colors of individual bulbs and also set a timer for certain lights to go on and off, which is great for an added level of security.

Your Heating

Another exceedingly useful investment when it comes to smart technology and linking such items to your smartphone is that of a Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat.

When you learn more about the various advantages of such an investment, you will not only learn how easy it is to install but also how much more control you have over your energy bills every single month.

There are, of course, other ways to save money on your energy usage, including the following:

  • Only do your washing when there is a full load
  • Turn off all the lights when you leave the house
  • Take less baths and more showers
  • Turn off your electrical items at the socket after use

Your Security

Perhaps the most useful and powerful function involving your house that you are entirely able to control simply by downloading an application to your smartphone is regarding the security of your property itself.

Essentially, this heightened level of home security comes down to the installation of a close-circuit television system above your front door and also outside the back of the property, alongside a smart doorbell.

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A smart doorbell will allow you to see anyone who comes within a certain distance of your property, be that an unwanted visitor, a potential threat, or even the mailman. What is more, if you are not at home, you can speak through your phone, and your voice will be played out through the doorbell so you can talk to whoever is there.

Your Housework

Maybe it would, currently at least, be entirely inaccurate that all of your housework can be completed by smart technological devices. However, there is one regular piece of housework that, if you choose, you will no longer have to worry about.

Robot vacuums, usually referred to as ‘Roombas’, can be pre-programmed before you leave the house to conduct a thorough sweep of your home and vacuum in places that even you never bother with!

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