Coming Soon: Google Play Store “Purchase Requests” to Manage Your Child’s In-App Shopping Spree

Google now gives parents complete control over all purchases.

Google Play Store

With the new “Purchase Requests” option for the Play Store, Google is assisting parents even more.

In particular for individuals who have not yet set up a family payment method on the platform, this functionality intends to make it easier for parents to request parental permission before approving an in-app purchase made by their child. It attempts to prevent any Play Store spending binge that can leave parents shocked by their monthly credit card bills or any additional fees for alternate payment methods.

“Purchase Requests” in the Google Play Store are now available to parents.

With this new “Purchase Requests” function, the Mountain View behemoth is increasing the payment options available to families using a shared account, according to a recent Google Keyword blog post. Google will display a warning saying “Ask your parent” instead of instantly approving a linked card for a specific in-app payment.

Then, parents or managers will receive a real-time alert asking them to approve a specific transaction when purchasing apps or in-game currency tied to a payment method that is registered on the Play Store.

It will assist people who haven’t yet established any family payment methods in preventing additional Play Store charges on their credit cards.

Do You Want to Keep Making In-App Purchases? First, consult your parents

Children or those who share a payment method cannot purchase anything from the Play Store without first getting permission from their parents.

Android Central reports that Google will give managers or parents more details about the impending purchase for them to consider before pressing agree.

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Available Google Play Store Features

Google’s Play Store is one of the biggest app stores in the world and the go-to location for all things Android, focusing on various features that users may access within the app. It recently added the “Offers” tab feature to the platform, which focuses on delivering various temporary sales or events that users can take advantage of with their apps.

The recent Google ad tracking policy, which gives consumers the choice to disable it when using the internet company’s apps, is another fantastic addition for the Play Store. As a result, Android users who checked the box to prevent tracking would be shielded from app trackers, safeguarding user data and information.

Users can download a variety of apps from the Google Play Store, each of which contributes to a unique user experience, particularly when it comes to completing in-app purchases for various services. With the most recent Play Store functionality, parents and administrators may now control every transaction performed by other devices, as opposed to just accepting shared payment method transactions.

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