EU Wants Removable Batteries to Return to Phones


Removable batteries may make a comeback under the leadership of the European Union, making replacement is convenient for Apple iPhone and Android Phones.

The time when phone users could easily remove the battery from the back of their portable electronics is long gone. From there, they could put it back into place with ease, enabling them to replace it.

Batteries for modern smartphones can still be changed. However, doing so requires some patience and skill because they are no longer made to be taken apart.

But it appears that the long-awaited reintroduction of removable batteries for phones is finally happening thanks to a new European rule. Or at the very least, replacement might get simpler soon.

EU wants to make it simpler to replace a phone’s battery.

According to the most recent report from Android Police, the EU is now concentrating on smartphone batteries after mandating USB-C as the standard phone charging port, forcing Apple to abandon its Lightning cable for future iPhones.

In contrast to earlier times, the EU is now advocating for batteries that consumers could quickly replace.

According to reports, future batteries should be made so that they are simple to both remove and replace.

According to a news article by 9to5 Mac, the new regulation will, however, not go into effect for another three and a half years.

“Portable batteries in appliances must be constructed so that users may simply remove and replace them themselves,” the new regulation reportedly adds.

Does Removable Battery Have a Future?
In light of this, the new EU rule suggests that manufacturers develop new types of removable batteries that might be removed with ease.

The return of removable batteries for phones, according to Android Police, may be very beneficial for users. Simple battery replacement could encourage customers to keep their phones for a long time without having to pay expensive repair costs.

After the batteries on their older mobile devices have gone, some people upgrade to newer versions. After all, some people might think it is unwise to spend money on an outdated technology.

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EU and Phone Makers

In its article, 9to5 Mac emphasises how current EU regulations are influencing how manufacturers approach creating new phones.

For instance, iPhones introduced in 2024 are probably going to start including USB-C ports rather than Lightning connectors.

Additionally, European rules force mobile device manufacturers like Apple to allow access to outside app shops.

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