Best Android Translation Apps Other Than Google Translate [2023]

Use more tools than just Google Translate.

Android Translation Apps

Are you looking for the best Android Translation Apps? Your first thought when considering translation apps is probably Google Translate. It is currently the most widely used language translation app among users.

If you’re looking for one, there are numerous options available for Android users. To choose the best translation app on your smartphone, here’s an article to help you out.

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Useful Android Apps for Translation

If Google Translate has already become boring to Android users, they might give these translation apps a try.

Microsoft Translator

In terms of popularity, this Android app is comparable to Google Translate. Every user should occasionally try downloading this highly-rated app from the Play Store.

Microsoft Translator supports more than 70 languages. Additionally, it can offer screenshots of conversations and text translations. Additionally, you can easily communicate with foreigners in a country by using their multi-person feature.

You can consult its phrasebooks if you need help pronouncing a word that isn’t native to your language.

Papago, Naver

You might try out Naver Papago if you use Android and prefer minimalist apps. More than any other app, this one is simple to use.

Naver Papago only supports 13 languages, in contrast to Microsoft Translator, which supports more than 70 languages. It’s simple and practical, but too small for a list of languages a person wants to learn.

Offline translation and image translation are features of this app. The feature can be used with handwriting, speech, websites, and more.

If you have a passage that you want to translate but won’t read right away, “Edu” will let you highlight that section of the text and add it to “My Note.” Papago Mini, on the other hand, emphasises in-screen translation more.

S&T Offline Translator

The Offline Translator S&T might be your best choice for on-the-go translation. As its name implies, it is only accessible offline, so there is no need to be concerned about text translations or readings done online or, of course, a sluggish internet connection.

Owners of Huawei and HONOR smartphones can speed up the translation process in their device by using the built-in text-to-speech feature.

Everything in this app, including speech recognition and voice playback, can be used offline.

Yandex Translate

Another priceless resource for beginning language learners is Yandex Translate. There are only seven languages available for offline translations. However, you can play with 100 different languages if you choose the online version.

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Through this app, words and phrases are simple to recognize. It has a dedicated dictionary to aid you in your word search in the event that you get lost in foreign terminology.

The best thing about Yandex Translate is that none of its features will cost you any money. On the Google Play Store, it is completely free.

If this list is still insufficient for your needs, you can read MakeUseOf’s analysis of the additional mobile translation programs offered by the App Store and Play Store.


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