More security features and a new spoiler filter are available in Telegram.

Have you used the updated Telegram features yet?


A number of new features that Telegram recently released are aimed at enhancing privacy and control over media on the platform. This is part of the year-end update to the cloud-based platform, which focuses on important public usage enhancements.

We present the Spoiler Filter.

The ability to hide media behind a spoiler filter is one of the most notable additions. This enables users to add a blur effect to sensitive images or videos. Users may choose to blur out photos before sending them for a variety of reasons. Privacy may be one of the causes. The centralised, encrypted instant messaging system is much safer thanks to this new feature.

Early last year, just in time for the 2022 New Year’s celebration, Telegram introduced this spoiler formatting to hide text in messages, according to Android Central. Useful when hiding sensitive media with a blur filter is the most recent feature.

The new Telegram feature can increase each image’s excitement and sense of surprise in addition to adding another layer of secrecy. Additionally, blurring is helpful when sending memos, documents, login credentials, and pictures of private files.

Security Is Priority

To give users more control over their phone’s storage, Telegram has also introduced a new feature that automatically removes cached media from private chats, groups, and channels. What does this mean, exactly? Caching enables the temporary storage of data, which speeds up access, load times, and the user’s browsing experience. You avoid the hassle of sporadic display and access issues when you remove it.

Additionally, a pie chart feature has been added, enabling users to see what takes up the most space on their device and to delete it using tabs specifically designated for music, files, and media.

While users can re-download these files from the Telegram cloud as needed, it is important to note that the new feature gives users more precise control over their phone’s storage.

Regarding privacy, Telegram has incorporated a feature that enables users to set up a distinctive profile photo for public viewing and hide their image from everyone but a small number of chosen users.

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Now, users have the option to add a profile photo to any of their contacts without the consent of the contact, making the photo visible only to the user. People can also recommend this image to a contact if they so choose if they like it.

Telegram has added a feature that makes it simpler for group administrators who oversee large groups to hide the members’ list and shield members from unwanted personal chats. It is important to remember that anyone, including spammers, can still send unwanted messages to group members who post within the community.

Here is more information on the year-end update.

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