The Largest European Crypto Exchange Will Launch Its Own a Token

The total amount of WBT that can be sold will be capped at 400 million WBT. The other half will be tokens for the treasury.

Crypto Exchange

WhiteBIT is growing faster than most crypto exchanges. Over the past four years, it has become one of the most trusted exchanges in Europe, with more than 3 million loyal customers all over the world. Its most recent achievements include the launch of Bitcoin perpetual futures and many partnerships with fintech companies in Ukraine, where it was founded, and all over Europe.

WhiteBIT Token is the name of the company’s own token, which it plans to release soon (WBT). The asset will give its owners a lot of benefits.

WhiteBIT Token’s benefits include lower trading fees for its owners, higher rewards in the referral program, free AML checks and withdrawals of ERC20/ETH tokens, and full integration with ecosystem products, among other things.

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The total amount of WBT that can be sold will be capped at 400 million WBT. The other half will be tokens for the treasury. The exchange said it would slowly unlock them over the next 36 months.

WhiteBIT token will have a built-in way to make prices go down. WBT will be hard to get and will be burned according to a specific algorithm.

WhiteBIT is working on a huge system of rewards and bonuses that will be available to its holders. Trading tournaments, airdrops, content competitions, and other interactive activities are part of the exchange’s plan to not only get people interested in the new token, but also to keep them interested and make it easier for all projects in the ecosystem to work together.

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The CEO of WhiteBIT, Volodymyr Nosov, says, “WBT isn’t like other tokens. We’ve put a lot of time, effort, and thought into making this product. We don’t want to be “like others.” Instead, we want to give our users the best and most effective innovations in our field.”

WhiteBIT is the largest centralized exchange in Europe. It meets all AML requirements and the highest safety standards, which are checked every year by Hacken.

The exchange gives users a number of trading tools and a wide range of ways to deposit money, such as using fiat currencies or directly from a bank card. It also has one of the lowest fees for trading on the crypto market.

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