The Best kids tablets for 2021

Do you need a durable, child-friendly tablet to maintain your kid? Here’s our best selection.

Best Kids Tablets

The first tablet is a gateway for children-friendly content (including the extensive selection of YouTube kids) and endless educational apps. You can go straight to the iPad or consider a cheaper choice like the Amazon Fire tablets made just for children.

Tablets can easily be loaded with apps and educational content and it is clear why children are gravitating. In addition to watching movies, playing educational games, reading books, and listening to music, children can learn the basics of computer use and even get how to code on a tablet.

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It is important that you look for the best kid’s tablet before actually shopping, especially when you shop for younger kids, for its affordability, durability, battery life, and lifecycle duration. Since children tend to be a bit tedious and exceptionally sticky, it is a great idea to invest in a child’s tablet with robust construction or a durable child-resistant case that could protect a delicate glass window from scratches or drops. Neither do most children need high-level characteristics.

With that in mind, it is possible to avoid costly premium tablets for young children, such as Microsoft Surface Pro, iPad mini, or Apple iPad Pro. Many child-friendly tablets even offer strong parental control options, which allow parents to monitor the children’s content and screen time. (This would be a certain type of heartbreak if they could watch an iPad Pro shatter in the ground, even when they are protected.) Whether you buy a kids’ tablet for the elderly, the younger kids, or the smaller ones, you will surely find the best tablet for kids.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Children’s Edition is the child-friendly version of the Fire HD 10 with the largest display in the Amazon tablet range. Like its 7 and 8-inch screen siblings, this Fire tablet offers plenty of parental control and a rubberized buffer to protect the device from drops. A 2 year “no questions asked” alternative warranty and a one-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, a content library that offers children plenty of books, games, apps, and children-friendly content, regardless of whether you purchase a Fire HD tablet from a younger kid or older child, are included in this 10-inch Amazon Fire tablet.

Price: $200

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Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Two inches smaller and $70 cheaper than a 10-inch version of the kids’ tablet is the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, but it includes the same set of parental checks, a rubberized bumper case to protect the device, a two-Year FreeTime Unlimited warranty, and a one-year subscription. For further storage, you can add a microSD card. The HD 8 Kids comprise $30 more in comparison with the Kids Edition of the Fire 7 but is packed with a higher resolution screen, faster performance, and more storage, making it worth upgrading.

Price: $140

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

The Amazon Fire 7, which costs 100 dollars, is the budget-friendliest learning tablet from the Amazon Fire Kids tablet range. Includes the parental controls, padded tablet case, two-year guarantee, and a one-year Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscription, which is a decent task on most applications and tasks.

Price: $100

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Apple iPad (9.7-inch, 2018)

As regards tablets, Apple’s iPad is definitely named more, and buying on an iPad is easy. Giving young children an iPad with endless applications can, however, be a nervous experience, considering the high price of an iPad. An iPad offers the versatility to adapt to a growing child’s changing needs in a child-friendly tablet, compared to Amazon’s Kids Edition tablets. The 2018 iPad offers all the advantages and fluids of an iPad at a more affordable price compared to a new iPad Pro or iPad mini.

Price: $280

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