Solar Panel Installation: 7 Reasons to Have Solar Panels Installed at Home

Solar Panel Installation

The solar industry is booming across the USA, with the industry showing an annual growth rate of 42% per annum in the last ten years.

That’s not surprising when one considers that prices have steadily declined during that time frame too, as well as the growing awareness of global warming and the resulting climate change.

Having solar panels installed is a win-win situation for all. Here’s what you stand to gain when you go this route.

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You’re Doing the Right Thing

Green energy is our guarantee of a better future. It produces no pollution, is entirely sustainable, and helps reduce carbon emissions.

The solar industry employs hundreds of thousands of Americans, so you’re supporting the livelihoods of these families when you install solar panels.

You Pay for Pure Power

Your solar installation costs include labor as well as all the necessary equipment. You don’t pay anything for the electricity your panels generate.

Coal and oil lose some of their energy between their source and the power plant, and the customer bears these costs.

Better Grid Security

Power companies that sell solar energy receive their electricity from a range of widely dispersed sources. So, they’re unaffected by inclement weather or structural hiccups in one area.

Their customers have access to electricity regardless of what’s going on outside.

A Constant Supply of Electricity

Solar panels don’t produce electricity at night, but you can save up some of their daytime power in a battery backup system. That means you’ve always got electricity, no matter what.
When the rest of your area experiences a power outage, you’ve still got access to heat and light on demand.

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Increased Home Value

Installing solar panels increases the selling price of your home, and it’s also an attractive drawcard for prospective buyers. After all, who can resist the opportunity to save on electricity costs for the next 20 or more years?

Solar Incentives

The Federal Government allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of your solar installation from your taxes up until the end of 2022. After that, the deduction decreases to 22% in 2023, and 10% in 2024.

You can also benefit from no sales tax on solar equipment in some states as well as fixed property taxes regardless of how much solar increases your home’s value.

Save When You Get Solar Panels Installed

You’ve got three main options when installing solar power. You can implement an off-grid system, which means you’ll never pay an electricity bill again. Alternatively, you can choose net-metering or a power purchase agreement that supplies you with grid power at a greatly reduced cost.

Embrace the Power of Tech

Thanks to ongoing solar advancements, now you can get more benefits than ever when you get solar panels installed. Photovoltaic panels offer increasing efficiency at cheaper prices, while fossil-derived electricity gets more expensive all the time.

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