How to set up your PlayStation VR?

PlayStation VR

Today, virtual reality is more accessible than ever. Thanks to the VR headsets marketed by major brands, such as Oculus, Vive and PlayStation, you will completely immerse yourself in the virtual world of your games.

However, as with all new immersive technologies, the configuration can sometimes prove to be complicated, as is the case with PlayStation VR.

To answer your questions and guide you as well as possible, we explain precisely how to set up your PlayStation VR.

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Checklist for PlayStation VR

Unlike competing systems, Sony’s PSVR does not include all of the peripherals it needs to function.

Indeed, the standard pack does not include the PlayStation Camera, however essential for the use of the PSVR.

So we’ve compiled a list of the accessories you need to enjoy your PlayStation VR:

  • PlayStation VR pack: VR headset, processor, headphones, HDMI cable, USB cable, power cord, AC adapter
  • PlayStation Camera
  • PlayStation 4/PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Sony DualShock 4 controller
  • PlayStation Move 2x (not required but recommended)

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Set up your PlayStation VR

The first thing you notice when you open the PlayStation VR box is the number of components and cables it contains.

To find in all these connections, use the steps below:

  • Open the cover of your processing unit (processor) to make the connection ports visible.
  • Connect your PS4 to the processor using the HDMI cable from your console.
  • With the second HDMI cable, connect your TV to the processing unit (HDMI TV).
  • Then connect the USB cable to the back of the processor and to the front of your PS4.
  • Connect your power cord to the AC adapter and plug it into an outlet.
  • Connect the VR headset connection cable to the front of the processing unit, making sure to match the symbols.
  • Connect your PlayStation Camera to your PS4, and place it above, or below, the TV.
  • Finally, turn on your console and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your game and complete the VR system setup.

Now you are ready to play in virtual reality!

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