How to know if an iPhone is unlocked?

iPhone is Locked

Before buying a used iPhone or reselling yours to an individual, one of the essential steps before continuing the process is to verify that it is properly unlocked by any operator. In this case, it can then be used with any network.

iPhones that you buy at full price (usually at an Apple Store) are unlocked by default. Conversely, via an operator (SFR, Orange, Bouygues, or even Free), smartphones often work only under their network and as part of a monthly subscription.

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Visually, it is impossible for anyone to determine whether your iOS is unlocked or not. For good reason, Apple does not allow telephone companies to mark iPhones.

However, it is relatively easy to know if your device is blocked or not, in particular thanks to Settings or your SIM card.

Check if an iPhone is unlocked in Settings

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The easiest way to check if an iPhone is locked, or unlocked, is to go through Settings:

  • Open Settings.
  • Touch Cellular data.
  • Find the Network Selection option

If the latter appears, then it means that your iPhone is probably unlocked.

However, note that this method is not always effective, especially since the launch of iOS 13.

Check if an iPhone is unlocked with a SIM card

For this solution, you will need two SIM cards, from different networks, then follow the 6 steps below:

  • Make a first phone call with your current SIM card.
  • Turn off your iPhone.
  • Eject your old SIM card, then insert the new one.
  • Turn on your iOS.
  • Try to make a new call.

If the latter is not possible, then consider your iPhone as locked.

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Contact your operator

This is not the fastest way to proceed, however, it would be more appropriate to contact your operator. Indeed, it will have the capacity to verify this information thanks to your IMEI.

To find it, go to Settings on your iPhone, then General, and then Information.

Use an online IMEI verification service

Now that you know how to get your IMEI, head over to one of the many online tools to check whether the iPhone it’s assigned to is unlocked or not.

Most of these services, like Kelpom, are chargeable, but there are also free ones like IMEI24.

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