Creative Label Design Ideas

When the creative juices have run dry for your product or brand labels, click here to explore these label design ideas for inspiration.

Creative Label Design Ideas

Did you know that there are over 31 million small businesses in the United States? With the enormous amount of competition that businesses face, it can be overwhelming trying to come up with a label design that stands out against the competition. We have put together this guide to share some label design ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.  Read on to learn more.

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Local Artwork

Implementing local artwork will help your design and product stand out in the market. The unique thing about designing a label with artwork from local artists is that each design will have its own story to tell and convey.

Keep in mind that usually you will need to find a professional label design agency that works with local artists to make this idea come to life.

Sustainable Materials

Many consumers are becoming more aware of helping out the environment. This is why creating a label that uses sustainable material can help your label stand out. Think about what environmentally friendly materials will fit your specific product best.

You want to keep in mind the structure of methods with color when you are creating designs that are using sustainable materials. For example, if you are using brown recycled paper, you need to think about which colors will look best and not blend in with the paper.


There are a few different coatings that can really make your label design stand out. Textured coatings make products stand out because they have a raised, textured finish. Make sure you keep this in mind when choosing a label printer.

Textured coatings also have an abrasive and rough feeling. Usually, these coatings are best when they are merged with contrasting spot coatings.  Spot coatings are strategically placed on a specific area of a label.

Once they are printed, they create a textured and 3D look on the product. Normally, spot coatings are either matte or gloss.

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Bold Fonts and Colors

When you are designing your labels do not be afraid of going bold. Sometimes the bolder you are, the more you will stand out especially if your competition is high.

The key is to use the right colors and fonts that complement each other. When you opt for a bold color, you want to make sure that all the necessary information stands out because this will attract consumers to pick up your product and read it.

Play around with unique and bold fonts to create a design that makes people ask themselves, “what is that?”

Which Label Design Idea Will You Choose?

Now that you have some of our top label design ideas, your creative wheels should be spinning. Having a product label design will help you develop a strong brand identity where people will know exactly who the business is behind the label.

Did our article help you out today? Please continue browsing our business section to catch our latest tips and tricks.

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